User's guide for lending notebooks or iPads (limited only in Suzukakedai Library)

We offer in-library use notebooks and iPads limited only in Suzukakedai Library.
You can use it for reading electronic materials at the seat, writing report with referring to library materials, discussion in a group and so on.
 *We have started this service from November 2015. (The trial started from March 2015.)

Terms of use / Device


Only for research, education and studying


Students, faculties and staffs of Tokyo Tech.
Use one device per person. You can use it in a group by applying.


Until 30 minutes before the library closing time. Once in a day for 4 hours.
When the device is not reserved by other users, you can extend the time.


Limited only in Suzukakedai Library. Please don't take the device outside.
For group using, please use them only at Communication Area, Foyer, Seminar Room 1 and 2 in Suzukakedai Library.


・3 notebooks
  OS: Windows8.1
  Software: Office 2013. Two of them are installed Japanese version and the other one is installed English version.
・2 iPad Air 2s
*We will offer headphones if you want to borrow them. When the device sounds, please use them.


Campus Wireless LAN(TokyoTech) is available in the library.


Please come to the counter with your IC card. We authenticate you with PIN code.


You can reserve the device in advance. Please contact us at the counter or by E-mail.
When you want to cancel your reservation, please contact the library as soon as possible. The reservation will be cancelled after 15 minutes past the appointment time.

・Counter (8:45 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on weekdays)

Please tell us your desire date and time. We authenticate you with your IC card and PIN code. You will receive a confirmation E-mail on the next opening weekday from the library.


Please send an E-mail to our contact address with the items as follows. We will contact you by E-mail on the next opening weekday.
・Department and laboratory
・Desire date and time
・Notebook or iPad
If you send an E-mail after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, or Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, you will receive a confirmation contact from the library to complete the reservation on the next opening weekday.


When you borrow the notebook or iPad (hereinafter referred to as device), you must observe the following items. If you don’t comply with these items, you may become restricted to using them or cannot borrow them from the next time.
  • Observance
    • Only for research, education and studying.
    • Only for campus members.
    • Only person who has applied can use the device and don’t sublet it to the others. When you want to use it in a group, the ambassador has to apply as group using.
    • You can reserve the device in advance.
    • Check the devices and accessories with library staffs and receive notes about using them when you borrow them.
    • Be punctual in returning.
    • Don’t take the device out from Suzukakedai Library. For group using, please use them only at Communication Area, Foyer, and Seminar Room 1 and 2 in Suzukakedai Library.
    • Always take it with you when you leave the seat.
    • Don’t download any applications or programs.
    • Use the accompanying (or your own) headphones when it sounds.
    • Return the notebook after saving the data to your own USB thumb drive and deleting it. For iPad, save the data by cloud computing like iCloud.
    • Return the device after deleting your browsing history.
    • Return the device after log-out from Campus wireless LAN.
    • Don’t turn off the power before returning for operation check.
    • You must immediately tell the library staffs when the device is not working, damaged, lost or stolen.
    • Even after you have been allowed to use the device, we may ask you to use it in other day or time and return it due to inevitable reasons.
    • Make compensatory payment for damage or loss.
  • Note
    • We accept your questions about defects or use of the device on weekdays 8:45-17:00.
    • You cannot print out any data in the device in Suzukakedai library.
    • All data will be deleted when you shut off the device. So all data in all devices will be deleted after returning them to the counter.
    • USB thumb drives cannot be connected to iPad.
    • About the use of the devices (except for the instructions added) please refer to website or help functions by yourself.
  • Discharge
    • We do not take any responsibility for trouble, data loss or damages resulting from the use of the devices.

Contact Information

Suzukakedai Library
Extension: 5152 (8:45 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on weekdays)

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