Requesting books via KL-NET

What is KL-NET?
 It means library and information network system in Kanagawa prefecture provided by Kanagawa prefectural library.
 The network supplies the systems such as cross search of Kanagawa prefectural library, public libraries and other libraries and interlibrary loan among KL-NET members.
 Suzukakedai Library became a member of KL-NET in September 2007 and started the following service from October 2007.

You can order books from libraries in Kanagawa prefecture (Kanagawa prefectural library, other public libraries and so on) without charge.
@* You can also request and receive books at Ookayama Library.

Object person
 Tokyo Tech members

How to search
 Access here to search all materials held by KL-NET member libraries.
 * Search system is provided only in Japanese. If you couldn't find the book that you want to borrow, please ask us.

Fundermental rules of oder
 Lending period: Within 1 month (containing the number of days of delivery)
 The number of books you can order: Depends on the rule of each library.
 New publications are not available until 2 months later.
@@e.g.)@Month of publication: April@@Available: after July
 * The details such as available books vary with each librariy.

How to order
You can take the one of following 2 ways.

 * Please check the book which you want to order is not held by Tokyo Tech Library.
  Tokyo Tech Libary's Catalog (OPAC)
 * Please state "KL-NET" clearly in both cases.
  If there is no indication, the application might be processed as fee-based interlibrary loan.

1. TDL Online Request
 Pre-registration may be needed. Refer to Using Procedure for the registration procedures.
 For the details of how to apply, please refer to Online Request : Usage Guide.
 * The Using Procedure and Using Guide are provided only in Japanese. If you have any questions, please ask us.

2. Counter
 Please fill in Interlibrary Loan Request Form (for Book) and submit it to the library counter on the 1st floor.

Notes for application
 Please allow 1-2 weeks from application to arrival of books.
  * Since the contact point of delivery is Suzukakedai Library, it may take longer if you request and receive books at Ookayama Library.
 You can't borrow books beyond the expiration date of your Tokyo Tech IC card.
 The books borrowed by using KL-NET are not counted as the number of books you can borrow at Tokyo Tech Library.

Other notices
 The books you have requested are sometimes borrowed by other people since there is time lag between the application and securement the book.
 Please be careful to treat the books borrowed from other libraries.

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