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【Entry Procedure】

  ・If you have a "Kuramae card", please show us it at the counter.
  ・Otherwise, see "Visitors".
  ・When you enter the library, please fill in the "Application to Use Tokyo Institute of Technology Library".
  ・The title of material you want to use is required for the entry procedure. Search Library's catalog and make sure that Ookayama Library has the material in advance.
  ・At the time of application, one of the following documents is required since we verify your affiliation.
  Student card, Staff ID card, Residence Card, Health insurance card, our Library Card
  *Driver's license and business card are unacceptable.

  After entry procedure, we give you an admission card. It must be with you at all times while in the library.
  Don't forget to return the card when you leave the library.

【Registration for borrowing books】

  You may apply for the library card if you need to borrow books regularly. Following services are available for the library card holders:
  ・Borrowing up to 2 books for 2 weeks
  ・Ordering available books except for 'Peripatos' Collection books from Suzukakedai Library

・Eligible Applicants
  Visitors who need to borrow books in our library for their own study and research and who live or work in Tokyo or Kanagawa.
  Others can use interlibrary loan service. Ask your university library or nearby public library about the service.
  *Tokyo Tech members have priority use of the library materials. If you want to use non-accademic books such as novels, we recommend you to visit a public library.


If you need to use or photocopy the library materials, the library card is unnecessary. Even if you have the library card, the entry procedure is the same as other visitors. See "Entrty procedure" in Ookayama Library for detail.

・Registration procedure
・Required documents
  1.One of the followings with expiration date for verification your affiliations
  【Staff ID card, Residence Card, Health insurance card】

  2.One of the followings with expiration date for verification
  【Health insurance card, Driver's license, Residence record(Juminhyo), Citizen identification card(Juki card), Residence Card】
  *If the address is not printed, the utility bill receipt or the phone bill includes your address that is issued within three months is also required.
  In addition, if the name on the receipt is not yourself, you need to bring a certificate that shows the relationship between the person and you.

  3.Applicants that don't live but work in Tokyo or Kanagawa should bring a certificate that includes the address of their office and expiration date. (Business card is unaccptable.)

・Schedule for issue of the library card
Application Time Time the card is ready
Until 11:00 a.m. on weekdays2:00 p.m. on the day
On and after 11:00 a.m. on weekdays11:00 a.m. on the following weekday
Weekends and Holidays12:00 noon on the following weekday

  When we receive your applicaion on weekends or holidays, we will photocopy your certificate for the staff to verify it on weekdays. After registration, the copy is discarded. If you want to take the copy back, let us know at the time of application.
  We may contact you to confirm the details of the application. When we have trouble contacting you several times, we will cancel your application.

・Expiration date of the library card
  Expiration date of the library card is the end of the fiscal year. If your certificate expires before the end of the fiscal year, expiration date of the library card is the expiration date of the certificate.
  When you want to continue borrowing books next year, you can renew the registration with your library card and certificates that we specify in "Registration Procedure". You will be able to renew the library card from March. You can borrow books up to fourteen days prior to the expiration date.

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