Budget Usage Report

Confirm the history of public funds used through the library (payment statement).
*There is a time lag for processing within the financial and accounting system.

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  • Amount of copy/loan requests
  • Payment amount for research lab journals subscribed through the library

1. Click "Refer" under "Budget Usage Report" on the service menu.

2. Select the "Period", "Budget" and "Material type" you would like to confirm and click "Count".

*Fields displayed: Name of budget and breakdown
*Broken down fields
Date Date processed by the library
Material type Journal: Breakdown of payments for journals
Ordering Articles/Interlibrary Loan: Breakdown of copies/loans
Title, volume etc. Journal: Title and volume of journal
Ordering Articles/Interlibrary Loan: Title of literature
*There are instances where only the receipt number or type of request is shown.
Number of volumes
Amount Payment amount and rate
Reference number Number for the library's administrative processing.
Please provide this when contacting the library to make an inquiry.

3. Click "Download (UTF8)" to download the tabulation results.

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