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Change information registered with the library and set various email notices.

+Make changes to Your Profile
+Email notifications
+Application for services

+Make changes to Your Profile
1. Click "Confirm/Change" under "Your Profile" on the service menu.

2. Click "Change" on the Your Profile confirmation screen.

3. Enter the details of the change on the Changing your profile screen and click "Send".

4. Confirm the change on the Changing your profile confirmation screen and click "Save".

Address and Phone Postal code 7 digits using half-width numbers. Omit hyphen.
Phone Be sure to provide a phone number, mobile phone number or extension. This number will be used by the library to contact you.
Cell phone Number of mobile telephone/smartphone
Extension Extension number of your research lab
E-mail(1) Recommended on-campus address Required to use services such as reserving or backordering a book. Required fields.
E-mail(2) Recommended on-campus address

*You will be able to use the library's automated book check-out machine if you register your "Cell phone" or "E-mail(1)".
*If a book is overdue, a notification email will be sent to your "E-mail(1)" and "E-mail(2)".

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+Email notifications
Up to two email addresses can be registered.
The type of email to receive and date you receive it can be set for each registered email.

Types of email notifications
  • Due date reminder: An email notification will be sent as the return date approaches.
  • E-mail newsletters of library: An email notification will be sent for lectures and exhibits, etc.
  • Arrival notice of your subscription journal[s]: An email notification will be sent once a journal subscribed using public funds through the library is available. Email notices are sent out on every Tuesday.
    (Reference) Subscribing journals

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+Application for services
The application form for an individual who is not a budget manager to re-apply for the use of "Ordering Articles/Interlibrary Loan" "Subscribing Journals by proxy" can be downloaded.

1. Click "Confirm/Change" under "Your Profile" on the service menu.

2. Click "Print" on the Your Profile confirmation screen.

3. Check the check box of the service you would like to re-apply for at "Application" on "Service use application".
4. Click "Print preview".

5. Click "Print" on the top right of the screen.

6. Obtain the signature and seal of the budget manager on the printed form and submit it to the library.
Click here for more details about ways you can submit this application form to the library.

*This service cannot be used if you are applying for service for the first time. Download the Application Form for Budget Code Registration and the Application Form for Library Services from here and follow the procedures.

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