Seminar Rooms are not available due to  Entire Renovation Work at Suzukakedai Library.

Seminar Rooms in Suzukakedai Library are available for seminar, research presentation, or group study (to make reports or do some experiments). 
Room 1 and 2 are managed differently. Please use them based on your purpose with reffering "Terms of use / Facilities".

  •  Only for research, education and studying.

  •  No food or drink. (Bottles with lids are O.K.)

  • Seminar Room 2 is available for individual from February 2017. For details, please ask to the Suzukakedai Library counter. 

Terms of use / Facilities


Seminar Room 1 (opened)

Seminar Room 2 (by reservation)

Terms of use 

  • Reservation is not necessary (Free entrance during opening hours)
  • It will be closed if there is a reservation (Unavailable time will be posted)

  • When this room is reserved on the day, the Library may ask you to move to other group learning space in the Library

  • By reservation

  • Individual can not make the reservation (Group using is more priority than individual using)


Students, professors and staffs of Tokyo Tech


  • Whenever the Library is open
  • Please make mutual concessions when the room is crowded

  • 8:45-20:45 on weekdays (8:45-16:45 on vacations)
  • Once in a day for 3 hours for one group
  • Once in a day for 2 hours for one person


Whiteboard (1 fixed, 2 movable), Electronic whiteboard, 20 Desks and chairs, 10 Pipe chairs, Speech table, Projector base, Screen

Whiteboard (1 fixed), Electronic whiteboard, Pointing stick, Laser pointer, 20 Desks and chairs, 10 Pipe chairs, Long sized desk, Projector and base, VGA Adapter, Screen, Speech table


1-20 people

1-20 people (or 30 when using pipe chairs)
Seminar room 1
Seminar Room 1
Seminar room 2
Seminar Room 2

Reservation (Seminar Room 2)

If you want to use Seminar Room 2, please reserve it as before. (Individual can not make the reservation. Please apply to the counter on the day.)

  • If you have a Tokyo Tech IC card (Student card, Staff card, Access Card, etc.), use Library Service via Online Request.
    * Reservations can be made up to three months in advance from the day you make a reservation.
    * You can assignment same time and day in every week.
    * You can also cancel the reservation via Online Request.
    * You can not reserve on current day online. If you want to use the room today, please come to Suzukakedai Library and apply at the counter before 17:00.
    * For more details, please refer to Online Request > Facility Reservations.
  • If you don't have a Tokyo Tech IC card, fill in the "Seminar Room Reservation Form" for using the seminar rooms at the counter in Suzukakedai Library during opening hours. * If one of you has the IC card, please apply by Online Request.
  • If you made a reservation after 17:00 on weekdays or at weekends, you will receive a confirmation contact from the Library to complete the reservation on the next opening weekday.

  • You can see facility availability here.
  • Without contacts, the reservation will be canceled if you don’t use the room within 15 minutes after the reservation time.
    * If you don't use the room at the reservation time, please cancel it as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Suzukakedai Library
Extension: 5152 (8:45-17:00 on weekdays)
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