Suzukakedai Library is scheduled to be closed until June 2021 due to Entire Renovation Work.

You can receive the following services with the library card.

  • Borrowing up to 2 books for 2 weeks
  • Ordering available books from Ookayama Library

Eligible Applicants

Visitor who needs to borrow materials in our library for study and research.

Apply for a library card

  •  Required documents(One of the following documents)

【Health insurance card, Driver's license, Residence record(Juminhyo), Citizen identification card(Juki card), Residence Card】
  *If the address is not printed, the utility bill receipt or the phone bill includes your address that is issued within three months is also required.
  In addition, if the name on the receipt is not yourself, you also need to bring a certificate that shows the relationship between the person and you.

Please fill in the registration form and show the certificates mentioned above at the counter.
If you want to borrow books on the day of procedure, you should proceed until PM 4:30 on weekday. If not, we can't hand you the library card on the day. We will contact you after issuing.

When we receive your application on holidays, we will photocopy your certificate for the staff to verify it on weekdays. After registration, the copy is discarded. If you want to take the copy back, let us know at the time of application.

Expiration date of the library card

It is one year from the date of issue of the card.
When you want to continue borrowing books next year, you can renew the registration with your library card and certificates that we specify in "Registration Procedure".


Suzukakedai Library
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