Digital Library Functions Offered by the Tokyo Institute of Technology Library  (Overview)

January 05, 2003


To support a sophisticated and comfortable education, research and learning environment and to contribute to society, the Tokyo Institute of Technology Library aims to provide library system services and a structure that enables access to academic information with a focus on the end user.

Specific measures

  1. Agile Document Delivery Service (e-DDS Service)
  2. The Tokyo Institute of Technology Library's global and agile document delivery service (a service in which image data on books and articles is shared between major international university libraries), is now linked with an e-DDS containing general-purpose on-campus images of books and articles to consolidate various processes, from researcher (faculty member, etc.) book requests to browsing and printing of book and article image data.

  3. Service Development and Enhancement

    1. E-journals will become important lifelines, which means they will also become a cornerstone of research information.
    2. E-journals and the Research Databases are considered as pillars of Tokyo Tech's research information. These will expanded by sharing expenses across budgets.

    3. Compiling databases to support researchers (learning)
      • A database is available that contains the latest table of contents data for international conference minutes and technical papers, including “NASA Technical Report”.
      • Network resources and database services will be further developed and expanded.
      • Bibliographic information from network information, such as academic science and technology information resources found on the network, will be gathered and recorded in order to support academic science and technology activities both on-campus and off.
      • Links between OPAC and researcher information databases, syllabus databases, book contents databases, etc.
      • Expanding digital reference function.
      • Sites beneficial to research and learning activities are provided after rigorous screening.

    4. Other
    5. Various application processes will be digitized and OPAC services will be made available on mobile phone.

  5. Functions to Disseminate Achievements of Academic Research Activities

    1. Portal function for information and academic research activities (achievements)
    2. Develop and provide (search results and links to actual information) a database of meta data (bibliographic information) related to academic research activities (achievements) disseminated on-campus.

    3. The Tokyo Institute of Technology Library will disseminate academic research results of their collection
    4. The Tokyo Institute of Technology Library will create and disseminate a proprietary database on unique academic research results, etc., at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

      • TDL Thesis Database
      • TDL Scientific Book Contents Search


Strengthening collaboration with relevant information organizations (collaborative structure for information dissemination)

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