0196-0202Ear and Hearing
0145-5613Ear, nose, & throat journal
0012-8163Early American Literature
1543-4273Early American Studies
0300-4430Early child development and care
0012-8171Early Childhood Education
1082-3301Early childhood education journal
0885-2006Early childhood research quarterly
1868-7032Early Christianity
1040-9289Early Education and Development
0378-3782Early human development
1751-7885Early Intervention in Psychiatry
1529-9104Early Medieval China
0963-9462Early Medieval Europe
0306-1078Early Music
0261-1279Early music history
1746-0654Early Popular Visual Culture
1383-7427Early science and medicine
1206-9078Early Theatre
0957-5146Early Years
1755-6910Earth and Environmental Science Transactions - Royal Society of Edinburgh
0012-821XEarth and planetary science letters
1076-3430Earth Observation Magazine
1865-0473Earth science informatics
0197-9337Earth surface processes and landforms : the journal of the British Geomorphological Research Group
0167-9295Earth, moon, and planets : an international journal of comparative planetology
1343-8832Earth, planets and space
1671-3664Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration
0098-8847Earthquake engineering and structural dynamics
1674-4519Earthquake Science
8755-2930Earthquake spectra
0012-8252Earth-science reviews
0264-9047EAS - European Adhesives and Sealants
1633-4760EAS Publication Series
0012-835XEast African Medical Journal
0012-8376East and West
1096-6838East Asia : An International Quarterly
1875-2160East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
1350-1674East European Jewish Affairs
0888-3254East European Politics and Societies
0012-8449East European Quarterly
1027-1775Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review
0012-8686Eastern Anthropologist
0012-8708Eastern Buddhist
1781-0930Eastern Christian Art
0094-5056Eastern Economic Journal
1462-4001Eastern Europe Consensus Forecasts
0012-8775Eastern European Economics : selected articles from scholarly journal of Eastern Europe in English translation
1471-0153Eating behaviors
1064-0266Eating disorders
1871-2592EAU-EBU update series
0012-7477EAZ - Ethnographisch Archaeologische Zeitschrift
0928-2750EC tax review
0014-1445ECA - Estudios Centroamericanos
 eCancer Medical Science
0012-9402Eclogae geologicae Helveticae
0144-3054ECLR - European Competition Law Review
0906-7590Ecography : pattern and diversity in ecology
1642-3593Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology
0424-2238Ecole des Parents
1726-2216Ecologia Aplicada
1051-0761Ecological applications
1476-945XEcological complexity
0921-8009Ecological economics
0925-8574Ecological engineering
0307-6946Ecological entomology
1470-160XEcological indicators
1574-9541Ecological informatics : an international journal on ecoinformatics and computational ecology
1442-7001Ecological management & restoration
0304-3800Ecological modelling : international journal on ecological modelling and engineering and systems ecology
0012-9615Ecological Monographs
 Ecological Processes
1040-7413Ecological psychology
0912-3814Ecological research
0046-1121Ecology law quarterly
1461-023XEcology letters
0367-0244Ecology of food and nutrition : an international journal
0906-6691Ecology of freshwater fish
0747-4938Econometric Reviews
0266-4666Econometric theory
0012-9682Econometrica : journal of the Econometric Society
1368-4221Econometrics journal
1413-8050Economia Aplicada
0012-981XEconomia Internazionale
0185-0458Economia Mexicana - Analisis y Perspectivas
0265-0665Economic affairs
0313-5926Economic Analysis and Policy
0962-2780Economic and Financial Computing
0143-831XEconomic and Industrial Democracy
0012-9976Economic and political weekly
0012-9984Economic and Social Review
0013-0001Economic botany
0343-754XEconomic bulletin
1573-9414Economic Change and Restructuring
0013-0079Economic development and cultural change
0891-2424Economic Development Quarterly - Journal of American Economic Revitalization
0013-0095Economic geography
0361-0128Economic geology and the bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists
0095-2583Economic inquiry
0264-9993Economic modelling
0391-5026Economic notes
0140-489XEconomic outlook
0266-4658Economic policy
0940-5151Economic Quality Control
0013-0249Economic record
0939-3625Economic systems
0953-5314Economic Systems Research
0938-2259Economic theory
0013-0427Economica. N.S.
1570-677XEconomics and human biology
0266-2671Economics and Philosophy
0954-1985Economics and politics
0165-1765Economics letters
0272-7757Economics of education review
1435-6104Economics of governance
1043-8599Economics of innovation and new technology
0013-0494Economie Appliquee
0245-9132Economie et Humanisme
0424-3218Economie et Politique
0249-4744Economie et Prevision
0336-1454Economie et Statistique
1240-8093Economie Internationale
1293-6146Economie Politique
0013-0559Economie Rurale
0068-4821Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie AB - Economie du Travail
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie AF - Histoire Economique Quantitative
0068-4899Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie AG - Developpement Agro-Alimentaire
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie EGS - Economie Gestion des Services
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie EN - Economie de l'Energie
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie F - Developpement Croissance et Progres
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie HS - Hors Serie
0068-4902Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie P - Relations Economiques Internationales
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie PE - Histoire de la Pensee Economique
0013-0567Economies et Societes - Cahiers de l'ISMEA Serie W - Dynamique Technologique Organisation
0013-0575Economisch en Sociaal Tijdschrift
0013-0583Economisch Statistische Berichten
 Economist - Index only
0308-5147Economy and Society
0948-8731ECOS de Espana y Latinoamerica
0147-6513Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
2150-0428Edgar Allan Poe Review
0960-4286Edinburgh journal of botany
0013-094XEditor & Publisher
0012-7515EDN/EEE : exclusively for designers and design managers in electronics
0736-6981EDPACS - EDP Audit Control and Security Newsletter
1517-9702Educacao e Pesquisa
0101-7330Educacao e Sociedade
0120-8446Educacion Hoy - Bogota
0187-8298Educacion Matematica
0040-0912Education & training
1559-1786Education and Culture
1360-2357Education and information technologies : official journal of the IFIP Technical Committee on Education
0726-2655Education and Society
0953-9964Education and the law
1079-3917Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities
0013-1245Education and Urban Society
1682-3206Education as Change
0013-1253Education Canada
1746-1979Education Citizenship and Social Justice
1463-631XEducation Communication and Information
0964-5292Education economics
1557-3060Education Finance and Policy
1357-6283Education for health
0167-8329Education for information
1473-9879Education for Primary Care
0013-1350Education in chemistry
0013-1377Education in Science
1749-6896Education Knowledge and Economy
0339-7513Education Permanente - Arcueil
1834-7967Education Review
2100-0808Education Therapeutique du Patient
0300-4279Education Three to Thirteen
0013-1547Education Today - London
0965-0792Educational Action Research
0013-1601Educational Administration Abstracts
0013-161XEducational Administration Quarterly
0013-1644Educational and Psychological Measurement
0251-2513Educational and vocational guidance : bulletin
1062-7197Educational assessment
1472-4499Educational Computing and Technology
0162-3737Educational evaluation and policy analysis
0013-1725Educational Forum
0360-1277Educational gerontology
0013-1784Educational leadership : journal of the Department of Supervision and Curriculum Development, N.E.A.
1741-1432Educational Management Administration and Leadership
0731-1745Educational measurement
0952-3987Educational media international
0013-1857Educational philosophy and theory
0895-9048Educational Policy
0046-1520Educational psychologist
0144-3410Educational Psychology - Basingstoke
0266-7363Educational psychology in practice
1040-726XEducational psychology review
0013-1881Educational Research
1380-3611Educational Research and Evaluation
1570-2081Educational research for policy and practice
0196-5042Educational research quarterly
1747-938XEducational research review
0013-189XEducational researcher
0013-1911Educational review
0013-1946Educational studies
0305-5698Educational Studies - Basingstoke
0013-1954Educational studies in mathematics
0013-1962Educational technology
1042-1629Educational technology, research and development
0013-2004Educational Theory
0149-0370EE, evaluation engineering
1389-7632Eerste Associatie van Diabetes Verpleegkundigen Magazine
1574-7646Eerste Hulp
1941-5532Effective Education
1554-0464Effective Practices for Academic Leaders
0379-3575Egyptian Journal of Agronomy
 Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia
0449-2285Egyptian journal of chemistry
0022-1384Egyptian Journal of Geology
1110-8630Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics
0301-8660Egyptian Journal of Physiological Sciences
1349-4961EIER - Evolutionary and Institutional Economic Review
0927-0760Eigen Huis Magazine - Vakblad voor Woonconsumenten
2031-342XEigen Schoon en de Brabander - Brussel
1478-5706Eighteenth Century Music
0098-2601Eighteenth-century life
0013-2586Eighteenth-century studies
0013-2683Eire - Ireland
1751-7575EIS - Enterprise Information Systems
0170-5288Eisenbahn Kurier
0013-2810Eisenbahn-Ingenieur : Zeitschrift des Verbandes Deutscher Eisenbahn-Ingenieure
0013-2845Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau
1567-1852Eisma's Schildersblad
1121-760XEJH - European Journal of Histochemistry
1751-6757EJIM - European Journal of International Management
0013-2942Ekistics : reviews on the problems and science of human settlements
1505-2249Ekologia Polska - Polish Journal of Ecology
0212-5633El Croquis
0732-5819EL Gazette - English Language
1386-6710El Profesional de la información
0071-190XELA - Etudes de Linguistique Appliquee
0167-3939Elan - Magazine voor Directeuren en Commissarissen
1751-6110E-Learning Today
1533-1296Election Law Journal
0261-3794Electoral studies
0013-4120Electric light and power
1532-5008Electric Power Components and Systems
0378-7796Electric power systems research
0013-4260Electrical Construction and Maintenance
0424-7760Electrical engineering in Japan
0142-0615Electrical power & energy systems
1028-7957Electrical technology Russia
0013-4589Electro optics
0070-9778Electroanalytical chemistry : a series of advances
1099-0062Electrochemical and solid-state letters
1388-2481Electrochemistry communications
0013-4686Electrochimica acta
1536-8378Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine
0301-150XElectromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology
1097-4881Electronic Business
1086-2870Electronic Commerce News
1389-5753Electronic commerce research
1567-4223Electronic commerce research and applications
1570-2294Electronic Communication Law Review
0013-4872Electronic design : concepts and ideas essential to design action
 Electronic Embedded Systeme
1740-7494Electronic Government
 Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
1019-6781Electronic Markets - Inter Journ of Elect Commerce Business Media
1019-6781Electronic Markets - Inter Journ of Elect Commerce Business Media
1738-8090Electronic Materials Letters
1931-2431Electronic News
0013-4945Electronic packaging and production
0306-333XElectronic production
0013-4953Electronic Products
0265-0096Electronic Systems News
0954-0695Electronics & communication engineering journal
8756-6621Electronics & communications in Japan. Part 1, Communications
8756-663XElectronics & communications in Japan. Part 2, Electronics
1042-0967Electronics and communications in Japan. Part 3, Fundamental electronic science
0013-5194Electronics letters
0013-5224Electronics Weekly
0959-8332Electronics World - Haywards Heath
1157-1152Electronique - Paris
0243-4911Electronique Pratique
0181-7450Elektor - l'Electronique et Micro-Informatique
0932-5468Elektor - Zeitschrift fur Elektronik und Computertechnik
0268-4519Elektor electronics
0013-5437Elektrische Bahnen
0168-2873Elektro Data
0925-5400Elektro Magazine Installatie
0168-7840Elektronica en Embedded Systems
0932-383XElektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
0013-6018Elemente der Mathematik = Revue de mathématiques élémentaires
0013-6158Elevator World
0013-8304ELH : a journal of english literary history
0013-6298Elle - Edition Francaise
0269-2597Elle - UK Edition
0957-8943Elle Decoration - English Edition
1568-4008Elsevier Food International
1874-3323Elsevier Salaris Magazine
0951-0893ELT Journal
0173-234XELV Journal - Fachmagazin fur Angewandte Elektronik
0013-6573Emballages Magazine
1558-2493Embedded systems design
0885-968XEmblematica - Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies
1758-8111EMBO Molecular Medicine
1469-221XEMBO reports
1762-5653EMC - Endocrinologie
1762-6145EMC - Gynecologie-Obstetrique
1762-4231EMC - Neurologie
1762-4223EMC - Pneumologie
1762-4207EMC - Rhumatologie-Orthopedie
1762-5858EMC - Toxicologie-Pathologie
 EMC - Traite Cardiologie
0246-0319EMC - Traite Dermatologie
0246-0513EMC - Traite Pediatrie
1762-4215EMC. Vétérinaire
1638-623XEMC-Maladies infectieuses
0013-6654Emergency Medicine - Chatham
1742-6731Emergency medicine Australasia
0733-8627Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America
1472-0205Emergency Medicine Journal
1354-5752Emergency nurse
1070-3004Emergency radiology
2167-6968Emerging Adulthood
1080-6040Emerging infectious diseases
1540-496XEmerging Markets Finance and Trade
1566-0141Emerging markets review
2046-0147Emerging Materials Research
1059-6879Emily Dickinson Journal
1052-2840Emory International Law Review
0094-4076Emory law journal
1754-0739Emotion Review
1755-4586Emotion, Space and Society
1363-2752Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
1757-1952Empedocles - European Journal for the Philosphy of Communication
0957-4948Empire - Market Harborough
0340-8744Empirica : Zeitschrift des Österreichischen Institutes für Wirtschaftsforschung
0377-7332Empirical economics
1382-3256Empirical software engineering : an international journal
0276-2374Empirical Studies of the Arts - ESA
0931-5020Empirische Padagogik
0013-6808Employee Benefit Plan Review
0142-5455Employee relations
0098-8898Employee Relations Law Journal
0892-7545Employee responsibilities and rights journal
0745-7790Employment Relations Today
0158-4197Emu - Austral Ornithology
0340-627XEnchoria - Zeitschrift fur Demostistik und Koptologie
1762-0945Encyclopedie Medico Chirurgicale - Nephrologie
0160-9327Endeavour. New Series : a review of the progress of science and technology in the service of mankind
0177-4077Endo Praxis
0918-8959Endocrine journal
1871-5303Endocrine Metabolic and Immune Disorders - Drug Targets
1046-3976Endocrine pathology
1210-0668Endocrine Regulations
1351-0088Endocrine Related Cancer
0743-5800Endocrine research
0163-769XEndocrine Reviews
0889-8529Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America
1601-1538Endodontic topics
0933-811XEndoskopie Heute
0966-4076ENDS Report
0179-9932Energie spektrum : Magazin für das Energiemanagement
1387-9588Energiebeurs Bulletin
0720-6240Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen
1754-5692Energy & environmental science
0887-0624Energy & fuels : an American Chemical Society journal
0149-9386Energy : economics and engineering News-interpretation-analysis
0360-5442Energy : the international journal
0378-7788Energy and buildings : an international journal of research applied to energy efficiency in the built environment
0958-305XEnergy and Environment - Brentwood
0196-8904Energy conversion and management : an international journal
0140-9883Energy economics
1570-646XEnergy efficiency
0199-8595Energy engineering : journal of the Association of Energy Engineers
0144-5987Energy exploration & exploitation
0973-0826Energy for Sustainable Development
0929-1237Energy Magazine - Den Haag
1748-9237Energy Materials - Materials Science and Engineering for Energy Systems
0301-4215Energy policy
0256-2332Energy Prices and Taxes
1742-4305Energy Risk
1556-7036Energy sources. Part A, Recovery, utilization, and environmental effects
1556-7249Energy sources. Part B, Economics, planning, and policy
1868-3967Energy systems
0307-7942Energy world : bulletin of the Institute of Fuel
1286-5559Enfances et Psy
1130-8621Enfermeria Clinica
1365-9383Engage Review
1750-9637Engineering & Technology
0955-7997Engineering analysis with boundary elements : the international journal of boundary element research and applications
0095-8948Engineering and mining journal : the international mining journal
0952-1976Engineering applications of artificial intelligence
0264-4401Engineering computations : internarional journal for computer-aided engineering and software
1350-6307Engineering failure analysis
0013-7944Engineering fracture mechanics
0013-7952Engineering geology : an international journal
0267-9914Engineering Geology Special Publications
1618-0240Engineering in life sciences
0013-8029Engineering Journal - Chicago
1816-093XEngineering Letters
0960-7919Engineering management journal
1042-9247Engineering Management Journal; EMJ
0305-215XEngineering optimization
2157-3727Engineering Project Organization Journal
0141-0296Engineering structures
1937-8629Engineering Studies
1462-2165Engineering Technology - London
0177-0667Engineering with computers
1036-1677Engineering World
0969-9988Engineering, construction and architectural management
1032-1195Engineers Australia - General Edition
0013-8215English - English Association
0013-8215English - English Association
1013-1752English Academy Review
0889-4906English for specific purposes
0155-2147English in Australia
0425-0494English in Education
0013-8274English journal
1360-6743English Language and Linguistics
0013-8282English Language Notes
1916-4742English Language Teaching
0013-8312English literary renaissance
0013-8339English literature in transition, 1880-1920
0013-838XEnglish studies
0317-0802English Studies in Canada
1559-663XEnglish Teaching Forum
1362-5276English Teaching Professional
1874-8767English Text Construction
0266-0784English Today
0172-8865English World Wide
0212-4521Ensenanza de las Ciencias
1467-2227Enterprise & society : the international journal of business history
0966-193XEntertainment and Media Law Reports
1875-9521Entertainment computing
0959-3799Entertainment Law Review
0013-8703Entomologia experimentalis et applicata
0171-8177Entomologia Generalis
0013-872XEntomological News
1738-2297Entomological research
0013-8738Entomological review
1343-8786Entomological science
0071-0741Entomological Society of Canada Bulletin
0013-8835Entomologische Blatter fur Biologie und Systematik der Kafer
0013-886XEntomologisk Tidskrift
0013-8908Entomologists Monthly Magazine
0163-3341Entrepreneur - Boulder
0898-5626Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
1042-2587Entrepreneurship theory and practice
1243-4167Entreprise - Sainte Genevieve
0177-9303Entscheidungen zum Wirtschaftrecht - EWiR
0933-3754Entsorga - Magazin fur Stadtereinigung und Abfallwirtschaft
0013-9165Environment and behavior
1355-770XEnvironment and development economics
0967-3407Environment and History
0308-518XEnvironment and planning. A
0265-8135Environment and planning. B, Planning & design
0263-774XEnvironment and planning. C, Government & policy
0263-7758Environment and planning. D, Society & space
0956-2478Environment and Urbanization
1352-8882Environment Business Magazine
1880-554XEnvironment Control in Biology
0964-5322Environment Information Bulletin
0160-4120Environment international
1066-6001Environment Watch - Europe
1387-585XEnvironment, development and sustainability : a multidisciplinary approach to the theory and practice of sustainable development
1078-7275Environmental & engineering geoscience
0924-6460Environmental & resource economics
1352-8505Environmental and ecological statistics
0098-8472Environmental and experimental botany
0893-6692Environmental and molecular mutagenesis
0813-300XEnvironmental and Planning Law Journal
1461-4103Environmental Archaeology - Journal of Human Palaeoecology
1555-5275Environmental Bioindicators
0378-1909Environmental biology of fishes
1635-7922Environmental Biosafety Research
1448-2517Environmental Chemistry
1610-3653Environmental chemistry letters
1040-6026Environmental Claims Journal
1752-4032Environmental Communication - Journal of Nature and Culture
0376-8929Environmental conservation
2211-4645Environmental Development
1432-847XEnvironmental Economics and Policy Studies
1350-4622Environmental education research
0954-5824Environmental engineering : the journal of the Society of Environmental Engineers
1092-8758Environmental engineering science
0046-225XEnvironmental Entomology
0163-4275Environmental Ethics
1468-8573Environmental Finance - London
1567-7419Environmental fluid mechanics
1527-5922Environmental Forensics
0731-5732Environmental Forum
0269-4042Environmental geochemistry and health
0943-0105Environmental geology
1075-9565Environmental geosciences
1747-7891Environmental hazards : human and policy dimensions
 Environmental Health - a Global Access Science Source
1342-078XEnvironmental Health and Preventive Medicine
0091-6765Environmental health perspectives
1078-0475Environmental health perspectives. Supplements
1464-6862Environmental Health Practitioner
1084-5453Environmental History
0195-9255Environmental impact assessment review
1939-4071Environmental Justice
0046-2276Environmental Law - Portland
1067-6058Environmental law and management
0966-2022Environmental Law Reports
1461-4529Environmental law review
0364-152XEnvironmental management
1350-7613Environmental Manager - Sudbury
1462-2912Environmental microbiology
1420-2026Environmental modeling & assessment
1364-8152Environmental modelling & software with environment data news
0167-6369Environmental monitoring and assessment
0378-777XEnvironmental policy and law
0964-4016Environmental politics
0269-7491Environmental pollution
1466-0466Environmental Practice
0278-4491Environmental progress
1088-1913Environmental quality management
0013-9351Environmental research
1181-8700Environmental reviews
1462-9011Environmental science & policy
0013-936XEnvironmental science & technology
0944-1344Environmental science and pollution research international
1569-3430Environmental Sciences - Journal of Integrative Environm Research
0959-3330Environmental technology
1520-4081Environmental toxicology
0730-7268Environmental toxicology and chemistry
1382-6689Environmental toxicology and pharmacology
0963-2719Environmental Values
0986-2943Environnement et Technique
0141-0229Enzyme and microbial technology
0939-8368EPE - European Power Electronics and Drives Journal
0013-9505Ephemerides Liturgicae
0013-9513Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses
1120-9763Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
0193-936XEpidemiologic reviews
0950-2688Epidemiology and Infection
 Epigenetics and Chromatin
1525-5050Epilepsy & behavior
1535-7597Epilepsy currents
0920-1211Epilepsy research
0705-3797Episodes - Newsmagazine of the International Union of Geological Sciences
1742-3600Episteme - Edinburgh
1878-5077EPMA Journal
0245-8969EPS - Revue Education Physique et Sport
0245-8977EPS 1 - Revue Education Physique et Sportive au Premier Degre
0969-9252Epstein Barr Virus Report
0261-0159Equal opportunities international
1478-0615Equine and Comparative Exercise Physiology
2047-9867Equine Health
0957-7734Equine Veterinary Education
0957-7734Equine veterinary education
0425-1644Equine Veterinary Journal
1066-5684Equity and Excellence in Education
1612-3093ERA Forum
0013-9947Eranos - Acta Philologica Suecana
0179-3187Erdoel, Erdgas, Kohle
0170-2327Ergo Med - Fachzeitschrift fur die Arbeitsmedizinische Personal
0143-3857Ergodic theory and dynamical systems
0014-0139Ergonomics : an international journal devoted to the scientific study of human factors in relation to working environments and equipment design : the official publication of the Ergonomics Society International Ergonomic
1064-8046Ergonomics in Design
0165-0106Erkenntnis : an international journal of analytic philosophy
0921-5131ERM - Electro Retail Magazine
1439-1635Ernahrung und Medizin
0174-0008Ernahrungs Umschau
1613-2394Erzmetall - the World of Metallurgy
1292-8119ESAIM. Control, optimisation and calculus of variations : COCV = ESAIM. Contrôle, optimisation et calcul des variations
1292-8100ESAIM. Probability and statistics : P & S = ESAIM. Probabilités et statistique
1528-8226eService Journal
0046-2497Espace Geographique
0014-0481Espaces et Societes
1315-0006Espacio Abierto
1135-867XEspanol Actual
1665-0565Espiral - Estudios sobre Estado y Sociedad
0423-4243Espresso - Italia
0423-4243Espresso - Italia
0014-0759Esprit - Paris
0014-0767Esprit Createur
0093-8297ESQ - Journal of the American Renaissance
0071-1365Essays in Biochemistry
0014-0856Essays in criticism
0316-0300Essays on Canadian writing
1545-6501Essential Teacher
1736-4728Estonian journal of earth sciences
0097-8663Estreno - Cuadernos del Teatro Espanol Contemporaneo
1559-2723Estuaries and coasts
0272-7714Estuarine, coastal and shelf science
0014-1437Estudios Biblicos
0185-0164Estudios de Asia y Africa
0210-9395Estudios de Psicologia
0425-3698Estudios Empresariales
0210-6086Estudios Filosoficos
0716-0240Estudios Internacionales - Santiago
0327-4934Estudios Sociales
0392-0658Eta Evolutiva
1370-0049Ethical Perspectives
1386-2820Ethical theory and moral practice
1050-8422Ethics & behavior
0014-1704Ethics : an international journal of social, political, and legal philosophy
1388-1957Ethics and information technology
0266-688XEthics and Medicine
1749-6535Ethics and Social Welfare
1085-6633Ethics and the environment
1366-879XEthics Place and Environment
0935-7335Ethik in der Medizin
0778-6069Ethische Perspectieven
0141-9870Ethnic and Racial Studies
1355-7858Ethnicity & health
1757-0980Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care
1745-7823Ethnography and Education
0425-4597Ethnologia Europaea
0046-2616Ethnologie française
1741-1912Ethnomusicology Forum
0394-9370Ethology Ecology and Evolution
1225-6463ETRI journal
0014-1941Etudes - Revue de Culture Contemporaine
0014-195XEtudes Anglaises
0373-1928Etudes Celtiques
0014-200XEtudes Classiques - Namur
1763-6191Etudes de la Documentation Francaise
0304-3363Etudes Economiques de l'OCDE - France
0014-2085Etudes Francaises
0014-2115Etudes Germaniques
0014-2123Etudes Internationales - Quebec
0014-214XEtudes Litteraires - Quebec
0014-2166Etudes Philosophiques
0014-2182Études rurales
0014-2247Etudes Tsiganes
0948-7387ETZ : elektrotechnische Zeitschrift
1357-0277EU Food Law
1357-0277EU Food Law
1535-9778Eukaryotic Cell
0014-2328Euphorion. Dritte Folge : Zeitschrift für Literaturgeschichte
0014-2336Euphytica : Netherlands journal of plant breeding
 EURAlex - European Healthcare Law and Regulatory News
1538-7216Eurasian Geography and Economics
1064-2293Eurasian soil science
1687-4714EURASIP - Journal on Audio Speech and Music Processing
1687-4714EURASIP - Journal on Audio Speech and Music Processing
1687-5176EURASIP - Journal on Image and Video Processing
1110-8657EURASIP journal on applied signal processing
1687-3955EURASIP journal on embedded systems
1687-1472EURASIP journal on wireless communications and networking
2192-4376EURO Journal of Transportation and Logistics
0949-166XEuroheat and Power - German Edition
0014-2492Europa Ethnica
1099-5129Europace - The Journal of Pacing Arrhythmias and Cardiac Electrophysiology
0341-9800Europaische Grundrechte Zeitschrift
0940-4171Europaische Sicherheit
0937-7204Europaische Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsrecht
1865-1089Europäisches Journal für Minderheitenfragen
1435-5078Europarecht - Beiheft
0191-4545Europe - Magazine of the European Union
0014-2751Europe - Revue Litteraire Mensuelle
0264-7362European Access
0963-8180European Accounting Review
1022-6877European addiction research
1764-1489European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
0937-4477European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology
0940-1334European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience
0953-8399European Banker
0175-7571European biophysics journal
0955-808XEuropean Business Journal
0959-6941European business law review
1566-7529European Business Organization Law Review
0955-534XEuropean business review
1018-8827European child & adolescent psychiatry
1613-3412European clinics in obstetrics and gynaecology
0930-3847European Coatings Journal
1754-3797European Comic Art
1613-2548European Company and Financial Law Review
1572-4999European Company Law
1574-0196European Constitutional Law Review
0957-1515European Cosmetic Markets
1148-5493European Cytokine Network
1551-7853European diabetes nursing
1350-293XEuropean Early Childhood Education Research Journal
1072-4133European eating disorders review
0014-2921European economic review
0379-0991European Economy
1056-4934European education
0961-0405European environment
1750-0079European Environment and Packaging Law Weekly
0966-1646European environmental law review
1354-7798European financial management
1438-2377European food research and technology
1384-6299European foreign affairs review
1878-7649European geriatric medicine
0195-668XEuropean heart journal
1520-765XEuropean Heart Journal - Supplements
0265-6914European History Quarterly
0309-7234European Industrial Relations Review
1830-4338European Innovation
0142-0461European Intellectual Property Review
1386-8349European Journal for Education Law and Policy
1879-4912European Journal for Philosophy of Science
1613-9372European journal of ageing
1161-0301European journal of agronomy
1466-0407European Journal of American Culture
0265-0215European Journal of Anaesthesiology
0956-7925European journal of applied mathematics
1439-6319European journal of applied physiology
1461-9571European Journal of Archaeology
0959-8049European journal of cancer
0961-5423European journal of cancer care
0959-8278European Journal of Cancer Prevention
1359-6349European journal of cancer. Supplement
1010-7940European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
1474-5151European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
0171-9335European journal of cell biology
0724-5130European Journal of Cell Biology - Supplements
0014-2972European journal of clinical investigation
0934-9723European journal of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases
0954-3007European journal of clinical nutrition
0031-6970European journal of clinical pharmacology
0954-1446European Journal of Cognitive Psychology
0195-6698European journal of combinatorics = Europäische Zeitschrift für Kombinatorik
0267-3231European Journal of Communication
1779-7179European Journal of Computational Mechanics
1362-5187European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care
0947-3580European journal of control
0928-9569European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice
1477-3708European Journal of Criminology
1367-5494European Journal of Cultural Studies
1396-5883European journal of dental education
1305-7456European Journal of Dentistry
1167-1122European Journal of Dermatology
0957-8811European journal of development research
1740-5629European Journal of Developmental Psychology
0378-7966European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
1568-0584European journal of East Asian studies
1525-2167European Journal of Echocardiography
1292-8895European Journal of Economic and Social Systems
0141-8211European journal of education
0969-9546European Journal of Emergency Medicine
0804-4643European Journal of Endocrinology
0304-3797European Journal of Engineering Education
1382-5577European journal of English studies
1964-8189European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering
0393-2990European journal of epidemiology
1351-847XEuropean Journal of Finance
1612-4669European journal of forest research
0954-691XEuropean Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
1381-4788European Journal of General Practice
0392-2936European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology
0902-4441European journal of haematology
0902-4506European Journal of Haematology - Supplements
0929-0273European journal of health law
1388-9842European Journal of Heart Failure
1388-9842European journal of heart failure
1611-4426European Journal of Horticultural Science
1461-6718European journal of housing policy
1018-4813European journal of human genetics : EJHG
0014-2980European journal of immunology
0959-6801European Journal of Industrial Relations
0960-085XEuropean journal of information systems : an official journal of the Operational Research Society
1460-1060European journal of innovation management
1434-1948European journal of inorganic chemistry
1876-3820European journal of integrative medicine
0953-6205European journal of internal medicine
0938-5428European journal of international law = Journal européen de droit international
1354-0661European Journal of International Relations
1025-9996European Journal of Jewish Studies
1757-6822European Journal of Language Policy
0929-1261European journal of law and economics
1387-2370European Journal of Law Reform
1438-7697European journal of lipid science and technology
0309-0566European Journal of Marketing
1469-0667European journal of mass spectrometry
1371-6980European Journal of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering
0997-7538European journal of mechanics. A, Solids
0997-7546European journal of mechanics. B, Fluids
1769-7212European journal of medical genetics
0949-2321European Journal of Medical Research
0223-5234European journal of medicinal chemistry : chimica therapeutica
1788-4934European Journal of Mental Health
1388-364XEuropean journal of migration and law
0935-1221European journal of mineralogy
0924-3860European journal of morphology
1351-5101European journal of neurology
0953-816XEuropean journal of neuroscience
1619-7070European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
1436-6207European Journal of Nutrition
0301-2115European journal of obstetrics & gynecology and reproductive biology
1462-3889European journal of oncology nursing
0377-2217European journal of operational research
1120-6721European Journal of Ophthalmology
0909-8836European journal of oral sciences
1434-193XEuropean journal of organic chemistry
0141-5387European journal of orthodontics
1633-8065European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology
1090-3798European journal of paediatric neurology
1090-3801European Journal of Pain - Sidcup
1352-2779European Journal of Palliative Care - English Edition
0939-7248European Journal of Pediatric Surgery
0340-6199European journal of pediatrics
0890-2070European journal of personality
0928-0987European journal of pharmaceutical sciences
0939-6411European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics
0014-2999European journal of pharmacology
0966-8373European journal of philosophy
0967-0262European journal of phycology
0143-0807European journal of physics : a journal of the European Physical Society
0929-1873European journal of plant pathology
0930-343XEuropean journal of plastic surgery
0176-2680European journal of political economy = Europäische Zeitschrift für politische Ökonomie
0304-4130European journal of political research : official journal of the European Consortium for Political Research
1474-8851European Journal of Political Theory
0168-6577European journal of population = Revue européenne de démographie
0965-7452European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry
0932-4739European journal of protistology
0213-6163European Journal of Psychiatry
1015-5759European Journal of Psychological Assessment
0256-2928European Journal of Psychology of Education
1364-2537European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling
1101-1262European Journal of Public Health
0720-048XEuropean journal of radiology
0046-2772European journal of social psychology
1388-2627European journal of social security
1368-4310European Journal of Social Theory
1369-1457European journal of social work
1164-5563European journal of soil biology
1351-0754European journal of soil science
0885-6257European Journal of Special Needs Education
1746-1391European Journal of Sport Science
1102-416XEuropean Journal of Surgery - Supplements
0748-7983European journal of surgical oncology
0261-9768European journal of teacher education
0967-2567European journal of the history of economic thought
1439-0590European journal of trauma
1863-9933European journal of trauma and emergency surgery
0929-8266European journal of ultrasound
1078-5884European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery
1612-4642European journal of wildlife research
1350-5068European Journal of Women's Studies
1359-432XEuropean Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
0928-1371European journal on criminal policy and research
0923-9855European Joyce Studies
1351-5993European law journal
0307-5400European Law Review - Andover
1084-8770European Legacy - Towards New Paradigms
0263-2373European management journal
1740-4754European Management Review
1378-2274European Medieval Drama
0014-3022European neurology : succeeding section B of 'Psychiatria et Neurologia'
0924-977XEuropean neuropsychopharmacology
1050-6896European nuclear physics news
1867-4569European Orthopaedics and Traumatology
0269-0802European Patent Office Reports
1356-336XEuropean Physical Education Review
 European Physical Journal Plus
0965-4313European Planning Studies
0306-3534European plastics news
1364-2758European Policy Analyst
1680-4333European political science
0014-3057European polymer journal
0924-9338European psychiatry
1016-9040European Psychologist
1354-3725European public law
0969-059XEuropean Quality
0938-7994European radiology
1613-3749European radiology supplements
0903-1936European Respiratory Journal
0905-9180European Respiratory Review
0905-9180European Respiratory Review
1062-7987European review : interdisciplinary journal of the Academia Europaea
1813-7253European review of aging and physical activity
0165-1587European review of agricultural economics
1162-9088European review of applied psychology = Revue européenne de psychologie appliquée
1614-9920European Review of Contract Law
1361-4916European review of economic history
1350-7486European Review of History
0928-9801European review of private law = Revue européenne de droit privé = Europäische Zeitschrift für Privatrecht
1046-3283European Review of Social Psychology
1050-9585European Romantic Review
0266-4151European rubber journal
0966-2839European Security
1461-6696European Societies
0266-7215European sociological review
0940-6719European spine journal
1618-4742European Sport Management Quarterly
1568-1858European Studies : Bound Edition
1682-8631European surgery
0014-312XEuropean surgical research = Recherches chirurgicales européennes
0014-3138European Taxation
0014-3138European Taxation
1430-144XEuropean transactions on electrical power
1124-318XEuropean transactions on telecommunications
1465-1165European Union Politics
0969-7764European Urban and Regional Studies
0302-2838European urology
1569-9056European urology supplements
0954-1675European Venture Capital Journal
1781-6858European view
0966-8136Europe-Asia studies
0295-5075Europhysics letters
0531-7479Europhysics news : bulletin of the European Physical Society
1568-881XEuropoortkringen - Inclusief Maintenance Report
1568-1491Eurosla Yearbook
1356-3890Evaluation : the international journal of theory, research and practice
0149-7189Evaluation and program planning
0950-0790Evaluation and Research in Education
0163-2787Evaluation and the Health Professions
0193-841XEvaluation Review
0014-3502Evangelische Theologie
1525-9951Event Management - An International Journal
1525-9951Event Management - An International Journal
0262-3617Everyday Practical Electronics
1744-2648Evidence and Policy
 Evidence Based Child Health
1748-9539Evidence Based Communication Assessment and Intervention
1748-9539Evidence Based Communication Assessment and Intervention
1741-427XEvidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
1741-427XEvidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
1462-0049Evidence Based Dentistry
2049-3983Evidence Based HRM - Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship
1176-2330Evidence Based Integrative Medicine
1356-5524Evidence Based Medicine
1362-0347Evidence Based Mental Health
1367-6539Evidence Based Nursing
1361-2611Evidence-based cardiovascular medicine
1527-8557Evidence-Based Gastroenterology
1462-9410Evidence-based healthcare
1361-259XEvidence-based obstetrics & gynecology
1555-9203Evidence-Based Ophthalmology
1555-9203Evidence-Based Ophthalmology
1663-7976Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal
 Evo Devo
1383-2247EVO Magazine
0014-3820Evolution : international journal of organic evolution
1520-541XEvolution and development
1090-5138Evolution and human behavior
0014-3855Evolution psychiatrique
1060-1538Evolutionary anthropology : issues, news, and reviews
 Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online
1063-6560Evolutionary computation
0269-7653Evolutionary ecology
1864-5909Evolutionary Intelligence
1868-6478Evolving Systems
1619-5795EW - das Magazin fur die Energie Wirtschaft
0014-4029Exceptional children
1041-2573Exemplaria - Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
0091-6331Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
1424-4616Exogenous Dermatology
0014-4703Expansion - Sainte Genevieve
0168-8162Experimental & applied acarology
0361-073XExperimental aging research
0014-4797Experimental Agriculture
0947-7349Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes
0254-9670Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics
1064-1297Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
1304-0855Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
0014-4800Experimental and Molecular Pathology
1792-0981Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
0940-2993Experimental and toxicologic pathology
 Experimental and Translational Stroke Medicine
0922-6435Experimental astronomy : an international journal on astronomical instrumentation and data analysis
1535-3702Experimental Biology and Medicine
0014-4819Experimental brain research = Experimentelle Hirnforschung = Expérimentation cérébrale
0014-4827Experimental cell research
0906-6705Experimental dermatology
1543-8619Experimental Diabesity Research
1687-5214Experimental Diabetes Research
1386-4157Experimental Economics
0014-4835Experimental Eye Research
0531-5565Experimental gerontology
0891-6152Experimental heat transfer
0301-472XExperimental hematology
0190-2148Experimental lung research
1058-6458Experimental mathematics
0014-4851Experimental mechanics : journal of the Society for Experimental Stress Analysis
0014-4886Experimental neurology
0014-4894Experimental Parasitology
0958-0670Experimental physiology
1618-3169Experimental Psychology
0732-8818Experimental techniques
0894-1777Experimental thermal and fluid science : ETF science
0723-4864Experiments in fluids : experimental methods and their applications to fluid flow
1471-2598Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy
1742-5247Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
1746-0441Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery
1742-5255Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicology
1474-0338Expert Opinion on Drug Safety
1472-8214Expert Opinion on Emerging Drugs
1354-3784Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs
1753-0059Expert Opinion on Medical Diagnostics
1465-6566Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy
1354-3776Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents
1472-8222Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
1473-7167Expert Review in Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
1473-7140Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy
1478-7210Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy
1477-9072Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy
1744-666XExpert Review of Clinical Immunology
1751-2433Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology
1746-9872Expert Review of Dermatology
1744-6651Expert Review of Endocrinology and Metabolism
1747-4124Expert Review of Gastro and Hepatology
1747-4086Expert Review of Hematology
1743-4440Expert Review of Medical Devices
1473-7159Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics
1473-7175Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics
1747-4108Expert Review of Obstetrics and Gynecology
1746-9899Expert Review of Ophthalmology
1478-9450Expert Review of Proteomics
1747-6348Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine
1476-0584Expert Review of Vaccines
 Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine
0266-4720Expert systems : the international journal of knowledge engineering
0957-4174Expert systems with applications
1875-4155Expertise en Recht
1617-1624Expert's Inside Access
 Expert's Inside Excel
1617-1616Expert's Inside Word
0964-1823Exploration and mining geology : journal of the Geological Society of CIM
0812-3985Exploration Geophysics
0014-4983Explorations in economic history
0921-559XExplore - Uitgeest
0723-0869Expositiones mathematicae
0014-5246Expository times
0245-9949Express - Edition Internationale
1386-1999Extremes : statistical theory and applications in science, engineering and economics
0960-779XEye - International Journal of Graphic Designs
1388-9109Eye - Zicht op Trends
0950-222XEye (The Royal College of Ophthalmologists)
1542-2321Eye and Contact Lens