0184-7732FA - Francais Aujourd'hui
1057-9648FAA Aviation News - Federation of Aviation Administration
1356-1812Fabian Review
0008-8919Fabricacion Investigacion y Aplicaciones del Cemento y del Hormigon
0256-2510Fachsprache - International Journal of LSP
0736-6825Facial Plastic Surgery
1351-668XFacilities Management
0948-0048Facility Management - Gutersloh
0924-8641Facility Management Magazine
1465-3753FACT - Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies
1568-0908Facto Magazine - Vakblad voor Facility Management en Inkoop
0014-6641Facts on File - World News Digest with Index
1745-5456Fairplay - International Shipping Weekly
1389-9600Familial cancer
0165-0084Familie en Jeugdrecht
1044-3894Families in Society - the Journal of Contemporary Human Services
2046-7435Families Relationships and Society
1091-7527Families systems & health
1463-1180Family & community history
0160-6379Family and Community Health
1077-727XFamily and consumer sciences research journal
0894-4865Family Business Review
0014-7206Family Circle - American Edition
1531-2445Family court review
1066-4807Family Journal
0014-7281Family Law - Bristol
0014-729XFamily law quarterly
0742-3225Family Medicine - Kansas City
0263-2136Family practice
1069-5648Family Practice Management
0014-7370Family Process
0197-6664Family relations
1942-4620Family Science
0091-6544Family Therapy - the Journal of the California Graduate School of Family Psychology
0148-9364Fanfare - the Magazine for Serious Record Collectors - Tenafly
0014-7591Far Eastern Economic Review
1359-6640Faraday discussions
0014-7699Farbe und Lack
1756-9370Fashion Practice - Journal of Design Creative Process and the Fashion Industry
1362-704XFashion theory
1085-9241Fast Company
0954-3988Fast ferry international
2160-4851Fat Studies
2164-1846Fatigue - Biomedicine Health and Behavior
8756-758XFatigue & fracture of engineering materials & structures
1380-7064Faxtotum - Bulletin voor Leenverkeer en Documentenlevering
0362-1332FDA consumer
1057-6223FDA Veterinarian - Food and Drug Administration
0014-5793FEBS letters : for the rapid publication of short reports in biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology
0014-8962Feddes Repertorium
1048-4078Federal Facilities Environmental Journal
1949-3177Federal Grants and Contracts
0163-7665Federal Personnel Guide
0014-9128Federal probation
0014-9209Federal reserve bulletin
1053-9867Federal sentencing reporter
0920-3508Feestelijk Zakendoen Magazine
1571-5280FEM Business
0959-3535Feminism and Psychology
1557-0851Feminist Criminology
1354-5701Feminist Economics
0966-3622Feminist legal studies
1468-0777Feminist Media Studies
0141-7789Feminist review
0046-3663Feminist studies
0882-4843Feminist teacher
0966-7350Feminist theology
1464-7001Feminist Theory
0723-5186Feministische Studien
0928-8244FEMS immunology and medical microbiology
0168-6496FEMS microbiology ecology
0378-1097FEMS microbiology letters
0168-6445FEMS microbiology reviews
1567-1356FEMS Yeast research
1567-1356FEMS yeast research
0015-0193Ferroelectrics : the international journal devoted to the theoritical, experimental, and applied aspects of ferroelectrics and related materials
0731-5171Ferroelectrics. Letters section
0015-0282Fertility and Sterility
0015-0304Fertilizer International
0965-5395Fetal and Maternal Medicine Review
1551-3815Fetal and pediatric pathology
1015-3837Fetal diagnosis and therapy : clinical advances and basic research
0428-2779Feuillets de Biologie
0177-7963Few-body systems
1610-0182FFZ - Feuerwehr Fachzeitschrift
0146-8030Fiber and integrated optics
1051-1946Fiber Optic Sensors and Systems
1229-9197Fibers and Polymers
0015-0517Fibonacci quarterly : the official journal of the Fibonacci Association
0015-0541Fibre chemistry
 Fibrogenesis and Tissue Repair
0378-4290Field crops research
1525-822XField Methods
1743-0615Fieldwork in Religion
 Figures de la Psychanalyse
1146-0733Filiere Maille
1479-2249Filling Business
0360-3695Film and History - Cleveland
0015-119XFilm Comment
0163-5069Film criticism
2044-2823Film Fashion and Consumption
0892-2160Film History
1651-6826Film International
2042-1869Film Matters
0015-1386Film quarterly
0957-1809Film Review
1469-0314Film Studies
0015-1823Filosofia - Milano
0167-2444Filosofie en Praktijk
1384-1009Filosofie in Bedrijf
0015-1882Filtration and separation
1365-6937Filtration industry analyst : business news for the filtration and separation industries
0933-5927Filtrieren und Separieren
0015-1947Finance and Development - English Edition
0949-2984Finance and stochastics
1567-553XFinance en Control
1544-6123Finance research letters
0267-4424Financial accountability & management
0895-4186Financial Executive - Magazine of Financial Executive Institute
0968-5650Financial history review
1471-9185Financial Management
0378-651XFinancial Market Trends - OECD
0963-8008Financial markets, institutions & instruments
1473-3323Financial Regulation International
1362-7511Financial Regulator
1057-0810Financial services review
1381-6780Financiele Maandstatistiek
1555-4961Finanzmarkt und Portfolio Management
1934-3477Finishing Today
0168-874XFinite elements in analysis and design : the international journal of applied finite elements and computer aided engineering
1071-5797Finite fields and their applications
0142-2510Fire - Journal of the Fire Protection Profession
0952-2727Fire & flammability bulletin
0308-0501Fire and materials
0015-2587Fire engineering
0143-5337Fire engineers journal
1094-0529Fire Rescue Magazine
0379-7112Fire safety journal : an international journal devoted to research on and applications of fire safety engineering
0015-2684Fire technology
2168-9725First Amendment Studies
0263-5046First break
0142-7237First Language
1947-5020First World War Studies
0925-4552Fiscaal Up to Date
0143-5671Fiscal studies
0242-5599Fiscalite Europeenne - Revue Droit International des Affaires
1050-4648Fish & shellfish immunology
1467-2960Fish and fisheries
0388-788XFish Pathology
0920-1742Fish physiology and biochemistry
0363-2415Fisheries - American Fisheries Society
0969-997XFisheries management and ecology
1054-6006Fisheries oceanography
0165-7836Fisheries research
0919-9268Fisheries science : FS
0090-0656Fishery bulletin
0015-3044Fishing News International
0882-0481Fitness Management
1687-1820Fixed point theory and applications
1430-9947FKT - die Fachzeitschrift fur Fernsehen Film und Elektronische Medien
0394-1493Flash Art - International Edition
0882-5734Flavour and fragrance journal
1936-6582Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal
0341-356XFliesen und Platten
0015-3710Flight international
 Flora of Southern Africa
0955-5986Flow measurement and instrumentation
1386-6184Flow, turbulence and combustion
0015-4504Flowering Plants of Africa
0219-4775Fluctuation and noise letters
0015-4547Flug Revue
1864-4538Flugmedizin Tropenmedizin Reisemedizin
0015-4628Fluid dynamics
0169-5983Fluid dynamics research
0378-3812Fluid phase equilibria
 Fluids and Barriers of the CNS
0015-4539Flussiges Obst
1154-2721Flux - Cahiers Scientifiques Internationaux Reseaux et Territoires
0015-4849Flying Models
0279-9308Flying Safety
1087-7827FM - Financial Management
0891-8260Focal Points - Clinical Modules for Ophthalmologists
0943-7576Focus - das Moderne Nachrichtenmagazin
0015-4997Focus - Haarlem
1541-4094Focus - Journal of Lifelong Learning Psychiatry
1864-1954Focus NeuroGeriatrie
1351-4180Focus on catalysts
1355-1523Focus on Commercial Aviation Safety
0305-8468Focus on International Library and Information Work
0272-8893Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics
0969-6210Focus on pigments
1364-5439Focus on powder coatings
1351-4210Focus on surfactants
0015-5500Folia Biologica - Prague
1211-9520Folia geobotanica
0165-4004Folia Linguistica - Acta Societatis Linguisticae Europaeae
0168-647XFolia Linguistica Historica - Acta Societatis Linguisticae Europaea
0015-5632Folia microbiologica
0015-5683Folia Parasitologica
1021-7762Folia phoniatrica et logopaedica : international journal of phoniatrics, speech therapy and communication pathology
0015-5713Folia Primatologica
0046-4333Folio Magazine
0094-8934Folk Harp Journal
1406-0957Folklore - Tartu
0015-6175Fontane Blatter
0015-6191Fontes artis musicae
0740-9710Food & foodways
2042-6496Food & Function
0265-203XFood additives and contaminants
1936-9751Food analytical methods
0954-0105Food and agricultural immunology
1935-5130Food and Bioprocess Technology
0960-3085Food and bioproducts processing
0278-6915Food and chemical toxicology
1086-024XFood and Drug Inspection Monitor
1064-590XFood and Drug Law Journal
0379-5721Food and nutrition bulletin
1654-6628Food and Nutrition Research
1032-5298Food Australia
1557-1858Food biophysics
0890-5436Food biotechnology
0015-6337Food Chemical News
0308-8146Food chemistry : an international journal
0956-7135Food control
0951-4554Food Cosmetics and Drug Packaging
1552-8014Food Culture and Society
1869-1978Food Digestion
1650-7541Food Economics - Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica - Section C
0193-323XFood Engineering - North American Edition
1471-2806Food Engineering and Ingredients
0268-005XFood hydrocolloids
0968-574XFood Ingredients and Analysis International - IHN - Ingredients Health and Nutrition
0953-5047Food Magazine - London
0168-325XFood Management - Amsterdam
0091-018XFood Management - Chicago
0015-6477Food Manufacture
1750-2683Food Manufacturing Efficiency
0740-0020Food microbiology
0306-9192Food Policy
0015-6523Food Processing - Itasca
0264-9462Food Processing - Tonbridge
0191-6181Food Production Management
1541-9576Food Protection Trends
0950-3293Food quality and preference
0963-9969Food research international
0257-8867Food Review - Clareinch
8755-9129Food reviews international
0023-6438Food science & technology
1082-0132Food Science and Technology International - Lancaster
0950-9623Food Science Technology - Information Quarterly of the Institute of Food Science and Techn
1876-4517Food security
1471-5732Food Service Technology
0015-6639Food Technology - Chicago
1535-3141Foodborne Pathogens and Diseases
0007-8972Foodservice and Hospitality
1071-1007Foot and Ankle International
1938-6400Foot and Ankle Specialist
1268-7731Foot and ankle surgery
1942-4280Footwear Science
0228-0671For the learning of mathematics : an international journal of mathematics education
0341-2636Fordern und Heben
0747-9395Fordham International Law Journal
0015-704XFordham Law Review
0015-7120Foreign Affairs
1351-0983Foreign Exchange Consensus Forecast
0015-718XForeign Language Annals
0015-7228Foreign policy
1743-8586Foreign policy analysis
1052-7036Foreign Policy Bulletin
0379-0738Forensic science international
1872-4973Forensic science international. Genetics
1940-9044Forensic Science Policy and Management
1547-769XForensic science, medicine and pathology
1860-8965Forensic toxicology
1862-7072Forensische Psychiatrie, Psychologie, Kriminologie
0378-1127Forest ecology and management
1437-4781Forest pathology
1389-9341Forest policy and economics
0015-7473Forest products journal
0015-749XForest Science
2158-0103Forest Science and Technology
0015-7546Forestry Chronicle
1008-1321Forestry studies in China
0015-7678Form - The Making of Design
0015-766XForm : Svenska Slöjdföreningens tidskrift
1439-667XForm und Werkzeug
0934-5043Formal aspects of computing : the international journal of formal methods
0925-9856Formal methods in system design
0759-6340Formation Emploi
1082-801XFormulary - Duluth
0925-8620Foro Hispanico
0185-013XForo internacional
1578-4576Foro Interno
0015-783XForo Italiano
1661-4119Forschende Komplementarmedizin
0015-7899Forschung im Ingenieurwesen
0934-1234Forschungen zur Brandenburgischen und Preussischen Geschichte
1061-7264Fortran forum
0071-7886Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe
0720-4299Fortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie
0015-8208Fortschritte der Physik = Progress of physics
0340-8302Fortschrittliche Betriebsführung und industrial Engineering
0738-5587Fortune International
0963-8253Forum - For Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education
0947-0255Forum - Heidelberg
1384-2102Forum - Opinieblad van VNO-NCW
0178-7667Forum der Psychoanalyse
0015-8518Forum for modern language studies
0014-5858Forum Italicum
0893-9403Forum Journal
0933-7741Forum mathematicum : an international journal devoted to pure and applied mathematics as well as mathematical physics
0930-5874Forum Modernes Theater
0067-8198Forum of Nutrition
1435-1943Fossil Record
1386-4238Foundations of chemistry
1615-3375Foundations of computational mathematics
0324-8747Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
0015-9018Foundations of physics
0894-9875Foundations of physics letters
1233-1821Foundations of science
0360-8999Foundry management & technology
1522-3868Fourth Genre - Explorations in Nonfiction
1462-9658FOW - Futures and OTC World
1066-7261Foxpro Advisor
0940-452XFR - Finanz-Rundschau - Ertragsteuerrecht
0218-348XFractals : an interdisciplinary journal on the complex geometry of nature
1311-0454Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis
1388-4239Frame - the International Review of Interior Architecture and Design
0306-7661Framework - the Journal of Cinema and Media
0015-9395Francais dans le Monde
0015-9409Français moderne
0046-4899France Agricole - Seul
0747-6388Franco Maria Ricci - English Edition
1439-3719Frauenheilkunde Up2date
0736-9182Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology
0891-5849Free radical biology & medicine
1071-5762Free radical research
0071-9390Freiberger Forschungshefte - Reihe A - Bergbau und Geotechnik Arbeitsschutz und Sichheitst
0071-9420Freiberger Forschungshefte - Reihe B - Metallurgie und Werkstofftechnik
0016-0725Freiburger Zeitschrift fur Philosophie und Theologie
0937-3160Fremdsprache Deutsch - Zeitschrift fur die Praxis des Deutschunterrichts
1539-3402French Colonial History
0957-1558French Cultural Studies
0098-9355French Forum
0016-1071French historical studies
0269-1191French History
0271-6607French Literature Series
1476-3419French Politics
1537-6370French politics, culture and society
0016-1128French studies
0262-2750French studies bulletin
0016-1136Frequenz : Zeitschrift für Schwingungs- und Schwachstromtechnik
0046-5070Freshwater biology
1674-7984Frontiers in Biology
1540-9295Frontiers in ecology and the environment
0091-3022Frontiers in neuroendocrinology
 Frontiers in Zoology
1673-7334Frontiers of agriculture in China
1673-7407Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China
1673-7326Frontiers of Business Research in China
1673-7369Frontiers of chemical engineering in China
1673-3495Frontiers of Chemistry in China
1673-7350Frontiers of computer science in China
1673-7385Frontiers of Earth Science in China
1673-3444Frontiers of Economics in China
1673-341XFrontiers of Education in China
1673-3460Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China
1673-7393Frontiers of Energy and Power Engineering in China
2095-2201Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering
1673-3517Frontiers of Forestry in China
1673-3401Frontiers of History in China
1673-3428Frontiers of law in China
1673-7318Frontiers of Literary Studies in China
2095-025XFrontiers of Materials Science
1673-3452Frontiers of Mathematics in China
1673-3479Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering in China
0921-3775Frontiers of medical and biological engineering
2095-0217Frontiers of Medicine
2095-2759Frontiers of Optoelectronics
1673-3436Frontiers of Philosophy in China
1673-3487Frontiers of Physics in China
0071-9676Frontiers of Radiation Therapy and Oncology
1356-9791Frontline - London
2041-4137Frontline Gastroenterology
1741-4172Frozen and Chilled Foods
0071-9706Fruhmittelalterliche Studien - Jahrbuch des Instituts fur Fruhmittelalterforschung
0248-1294Fruits - Les Ulis
1616-0991FuB - Flachenmanagement und Bodenordnung
1672-8467Fudan University Journal of Medical Sciences
0016-2361Fuel : a quarterly journal of fuel science
0140-6701Fuel and energy abstracts
1615-6846Fuel cells
1464-2859Fuel cells bulletin : an international newsletter
0378-3820Fuel processing technology : an international journal devoted to all aspects of processing coal, oil shale, tar sands and peat
1536-383XFullerenes, nanotubes, and carbon nanostructures : an international and interdisciplinary journal
1438-793XFunctional & integrative genomics
0016-2663Functional analysis and its applications
1991-0061Functional Analysis and Other Mathematics
0269-8463Functional ecology
1793-6047Functional Materials Letters
0393-5264Functional Neurology
1445-4408Functional Plant Biology
0929-998XFunctions of Language
0016-2736Fundamenta mathematicae
0767-3981Fundamental & clinical pharmacology
1863-9135Fundamental and Applied Limnology - Archiv fur Hydrobiologie
1749-4613Fungal biology reviews
1087-1845Fungal genetics and biology
 Furnaces International
0920-3796Fusion engineering and design
1536-1055Fusion Science and Technology
1619-9987Fuss & Sprunggelenk
1549-9715Future Anterior
1479-6678Future Cardiology
0167-739XFuture generations computer systems : FGCS
1746-0875Future Lipidology
1756-8919Future Medicinal Chemistry
1746-0913Future Microbiology
1479-6708Future Neurology
1479-6694Future Oncology - London
1468-9871Future prescriber
1746-0816Future Rheumatology
1746-0794Future Virology
0016-3287Futures : the journal of forecasting and planning
8755-3317Futures research quarterly
1616-8658Fuzzy Information and Engineering
1568-4539Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making
0165-0114Fuzzy sets and systems : an international journal
0966-0380FX Magazine - The Design Magazine for Society and Industry
 FZ - Vakblad over Bedrijfsevenementen