0262-3579I D Magazine
0167-9740I en I - Nieuwe Media in Perspectief
0308-0188I.S.R. : interdisciplinary science reviews
0162-8178I.T.E. journal
1019-9926IAALD Quarterly Bulletin
0144-7815IAHS publication
1050-0049IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies
0300-5038IARC Scientific Publications
0928-1541IAWA Journal - International Association of Wood Anatomists
0020-6229IBE - International Broadcast Engineer
0018-8646IBM journal of research and development
0018-8670IBM systems journal
1502-1866Ibsen Studies
1941-4064ICAN - Infant Child and Adolescent Nutrition
1014-8876ICAO Journal - International Civil Aviation Organization
2047-1424ICE Construction Law Quarterly
1054-3139ICES Journal of Marine Science
1389-6911ICGA Journal - International Computer Games Association
1042-0940Ichnos : an international journal for plant and animal traces
1341-8998Ichthyological research
1750-1504ICIS Chemical Business - Europe Middle East Asia Edition
1092-0110ICIS Chemical Business Americas
0106-1348ICO - Iconographisk Post
1618-162XI-Com - Zeitschrift fur Interaktive und Kooperative Medien
0161-6951ICP Information Newsletter
0258-3690ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal
0894-5373ID : magazine of international design
1947-7953IDA Journal of Desalination and Water Reuse
0019-1272Idea - The Intellectual Property Law Review
0019-1361Ideal Home
0046-8541Idealistic Studies
0927-2518Idee - Tijdschrift voor het Wetenschappelijk Bureau van D'66
1439-4766Ideenmanagement - Vorschlagswesen in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
1070-289XIdentities : global studies in culture and power
1528-3488Identity - Mahwah
0334-6838IDEX Magazine - International Diamond Exchange
0265-5012IDS Bulletin
0265-5012IDS Bulletin
1474-1792IDS Pay Benchmark
0141-1314IDS Research Reports
1353-6141IDS Working Papers
0537-9989IEE Conference publication
1350-245XIEE proceedings. Vision, image and signal processing
0885-8985IEEE aerospace and electronic systems magazine
1058-6180IEEE annals of the history of computing
1045-9243IEEE antennas & propagation magazine
1536-1225IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters
8755-3996IEEE circuits and devices magazine
1089-7798IEEE communications letters : a publication of the IEEE Communications Society
0163-6804IEEE communications magazine
 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials
0272-1716IEEE computer graphics and applications
0740-7475IEEE design & test of computers
0883-7554IEEE electrical insulation magazine : a publication of the IEEE Electrical Insulation Society
0741-3106IEEE electron device letters
1943-0663IEEE Embedded Systems Letters
0739-5175IEEE engineering in medicine and biology magazine : the quarterly magazine of the Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society
0360-8581IEEE engineering management review
1545-598XIEEE geoscience and remote sensing letters : a publication of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
1077-2618IEEE industry applications magazine
1094-6969IEEE instrumentation and measurement magazine
1541-1672IEEE intelligent systems
1939-1390IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine
1089-7801IEEE internet computing
0364-9059IEEE journal of oceanic engineering
2156-3381IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
0018-9197IEEE journal of quantum electronics
1939-1404IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
1077-260XIEEE journal of selected topics in quantum electronics
0018-9200IEEE journal of solid state circuits
0733-8716IEEE journal on selected areas in communications : a publication of the IEEE Communications Society
0272-1732IEEE micro
1531-1309IEEE microwave and wireless components letters : a publication of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
1527-3342IEEE microwave magazine : for the microwave & wireless engineer
1070-986XIEEE multimedia
1932-4510IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine
0890-8044IEEE network
1536-1268IEEE pervasive computing : mobile and ubiquitous systems
 IEEE Photonics Journal
1041-1135IEEE photonics technology letters : a publication of the IEEE Laser and Electro-Optics Society
0278-6648IEEE potentials
1540-7977IEEE power & energy magazine : for electric power professionals
1070-9932IEEE robotics & automation magazine
1540-7993IEEE security & privacy
1530-437XIEEE sensors journal : a publication of the IEEE Sensors Council
1070-9908IEEE signal processing letters : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society
1053-5888IEEE signal processing magazine
0740-7459IEEE software
1943-0582IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine
0018-9235IEEE spectrum
0278-0097IEEE technology & society magazine
1521-3323IEEE transactions on advanced packaging
0018-9251IEEE transactions on aerospace and electronic systems
0018-926XIEEE transactions on antennas and propagation
1051-8223IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity : a publication of the IEEE Superconductivity Committee
1558-7916IEEE transactions on audio, speech, and language processing
0018-9286IEEE transactions on automatic control
1943-0604IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development
0018-9294IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering
0018-9316IEEE transactions on broadcasting
1051-8215IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology
1057-7122IEEE transactions on circuits and systems. I, Fundamental theory and applications
1057-7130IEEE transactions on circuits and systems. II, Analog and digital signal processing
1549-7747IEEE transactions on circuits and systems. II, Express briefs
0090-6778IEEE transactions on communications
1521-3331IEEE transactions on components and packaging technologies
2156-3950IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
1943-068XIEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games
0278-0070IEEE transactions on computer-aided design of integrated circuits and systems : a publication of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
0098-3063IEEE transactions on consumer electronics
1063-6536IEEE transactions on control systems technology
1545-5971IEEE transactions on dependable and secure computing : a publication of the IEEE Computer Society
1070-9878IEEE transactions on dielectrics and electrical insulation
0018-9375IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility
0018-9383IEEE transactions on electron devices
0018-9340IEEE transactions on electronic computers
1521-334XIEEE transactions on electronics packaging manufacturing
0885-8969IEEE transactions on energy conversion
0018-9391IEEE transactions on engineering management
1089-778XIEEE transactions on evolutionary computation
1063-6706IEEE transactions on fuzzy systems
0196-2892IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing
1057-7149IEEE transactions on image processing
0278-0046IEEE transactions on industrial electronics : a publication of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
1551-3203IEEE transactions on industrial informatics
0093-9994IEEE transactions on industry applications
1556-6013IEEE transactions on information forensics and security
1089-7771IEEE transactions on information technology in biomedicine : a publication of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
0018-9448IEEE transactions on information theory : a journal devoted to the theoretical and experimental aspects of information transmission, processing, and utilization
0018-9456IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement
1524-9050IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems : a publication of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Council
1041-4347IEEE transactions on knowledge and data engineering
0018-9464IEEE transactions on magnetics
0278-0062IEEE transactions on medical imaging
0018-9480IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques
1536-1233IEEE transactions on mobile computing
1520-9210IEEE transactions on multimedia
1045-9227IEEE transactions on neural networks
1534-4320IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering : a publication of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
0018-9499IEEE transactions on nuclear science
1045-9219IEEE transactions on parallel and distributed systems
0162-8828IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence
0093-3813IEEE transactions on plasma science
0885-8977IEEE transactions on power delivery
0885-8993IEEE transactions on power electronics
0885-8950IEEE transactions on power systems
0361-1434IEEE transactions on professional communication
0018-9529IEEE transactions on reliability
1552-3098IEEE transactions on robotics : a publication of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
0894-6507IEEE transactions on semiconductor manufacturing : a publication of the IEEE Components, Hybrids, and Manufacturing Technology Society, the IEEE Electron Devices Society, the IEEE Reliability Society, the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Council
1053-587XIEEE transactions on signal processing
0098-5589IEEE transactions on software engineering : a publication of the IEEE Computer Society
1949-3029IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
1083-4427IEEE transactions on systems, man and cybernetics. Part A, Systems and humans
1083-4419IEEE transactions on systems, man and cybernetics. Part B, Cybernetics
1094-6977IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. Part C, Applications and reviews
2156-342XIEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology
0885-3010IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control
0018-9545IEEE transactions on vehicular technology
1063-8210IEEE transactions on very large scale integration (VLSI) systems
1077-2626IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics
1536-1276IEEE transactions on wireless communications
1536-1284IEEE wireless communications
1545-5963IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics
1063-6692IEEE/ACM transactions on networking
1083-4435IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics
1931-4973IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 IEICE Electronics Express
0916-8516IEICE transactions on communications
0916-8524IEICE transactions on electronics
0916-8508IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer sciences
0916-8532IEICE transactions on information and systems
1937-3260IES Journal - Part A - Civil and Structural Engineering
1751-858XIET Circuits, Devices & Systems
1751-8628IET Communications
1751-8601IET Computers & Digital Techniques
1751-8644IET Control Theory & Applications
1751-8660IET Electric Power Applications
2042-9738IET Electrical Systems in Transportation
1751-8687IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
1751-8725IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation
1751-8741IET Nanobiotechnology
1751-8768IET Optoelectronics
1755-4535IET Power Electronics
1751-8784IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation
1751-8822IET Science, Measurement & Technology
1751-8806IET Software
0256-4602IETE Technical Review
0242-5602IFEC - Economie et Comptabilite.
0340-0352IFLA journal : official quarterly journal of the International Federation of Library Associations
0073-4721Iheringia - Serie Zoologia
0018-9855IIC - International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
0740-817XIIE transactions
1948-8300IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering
2157-7323IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors
0961-1290III-Vs review
1941-6237IJACI - International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence
1560-4292IJAIED - International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
1477-5212IJIMA - Internat Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising
1479-0718IJM - International Journal of Multilingualism
1756-6517IJSTL - International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics
0939-9909IK - Zeitschrift fur Industriekaufleute
 IKR Bulletin
0177-3054IKZ Haustechnik
0014-827XIl farmaco
2037-4909Il nuovo cimento della Società italiana di fisica. Ser. 2. C, Geophysics and space physics
0363-1923Illinois Classical Studies
0019-2082Illinois journal of mathematics
1054-1373Illness Crisis and Loss
0019-2422Illustrated London News
0930-5181IM - die Fachzeitschrift fur Information Management und Consulting
1611-7905Im Op - Fachzeitschrift fur OP-Pflege und OTA
0272-4960IMA journal of applied mathematics
1471-678XIMA Journal of Management Mathematics
0265-0754IMA journal of mathematical control and information
0272-4979IMA journal of numerical analysis
0262-8856Image and vision computing
0969-6008Image Processing Europe
0950-2114Image technology : journal of the BKSTS
1871-7993Images - Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture
0276-2366Imagination Cognition and Personality - the Scientific Study of Consciousness
0965-6812Imaging : an international journal of clinico-radiological practice
1439-4243Imaging and Microscopy
1433-3317Imaging decisions
0308-5694Imago mundi
1565-1088IMAJ - Israel Medical Association Journal
1020-7635IMF Staff papers
0261-9288Immigrants and Minorities
 Immunity and Ageing
0923-2532Immuno analyse et biologie specialisee
0257-277XImmunologic research
0882-0139Immunological investigations
0105-2896Immunological reviews
0889-8561Immunology and Allergy Clinics of North America
0818-9641Immunology and cell biology
1871-5222Immunology Endocrine and Metabolic Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
0165-2478Immunology letters
0892-3973Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology
1468-1625IMPACT - Journal of the Career Development Group
1461-5517Impact assessment and project appraisal
1635-3420Impact Medecine - Hebdo
1056-6163Implant Dentistry
 Implementation Science
1463-9955Implicit Religion
1365-4802Improving Schools
0720-9037Impulse - Magazin fur Unternehmerischen Erfolg
0019-316XIn de Waagschaal
0019-3178In en Uitvoer Nieuws
0169-5304In Logistiek
2031-3098In Monte Artium
0263-841XIn Practice - Borough Green
1386-6338In silico biology
1071-2690In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal
1054-5476In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Plant
0258-851XIn Vivo - Attiki
0733-1398In Vivo - Business and Medicine Report
0019-3577Indagationes mathematicae
1380-7447Index - Feiten en Cijfers over onze Samenleving
0306-4220Index on Censorship
0019-400XIndex to Foreign Legal Periodicals - Annual Cumulation
0251-3048India Quarterly
1473-6489India review
 India Today - India and Nepal Edition
0019-4530Indian Church History Review
0019-4565Indian Concrete Journal
0019-4646Indian Economic and Social History Review
0019-4662Indian Economic Journal
0019-4670Indian Economic Review
0376-9836Indian Historical Review
0019-5014Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
0367-8245Indian Journal of Agricultural Research
0019-5022Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
0537-197XIndian Journal of Agronomy
0019-5049Indian Journal of Anaesthesia
0367-8318Indian Journal of Animal Sciences
0379-0037Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics
0301-1208Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics
0019-509XIndian journal of cancer
0971-457XIndian journal of chemical technology
0376-4710Indian journal of chemistry. Section A, Inorganic, bio-inorganic, physical, theoretical & analytical chemistry
0376-4699Indian journal of chemistry. Section B, Organic including medicinal
0970-1915Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry
0970-0218Indian Journal of Community Medicine
0972-5229Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine
0019-5146Indian Journal of Dairy Science
0970-9290Indian Journal of Dental Research
0019-5154Indian Journal of Dermatology
0378-6323Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology
0019-5170Indian Journal of Economics
0971-4588Indian journal of engineering and materials sciences
0367-8288Indian Journal of Entomology
0019-5189Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
0254-8860Indian Journal of Gastroenterology
0971-5215Indian Journal of Gender Studies
0019-5200Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding
0971-4502Indian Journal of Hematology and Blood Transfusion
0019-5294Indian Journal of International Law
0254-9395Indian Journal of Leprosy
0367-8326Indian Journal of Malariology
0379-5136Indian journal of marine sciences
0019-5324Indian journal of mathematics
0255-0857Indian journal of medical microbiology
0971-5916Indian Journal of Medical Research
0019-5359Indian Journal of Medical Sciences
0971-4065Indian Journal of Nephrology
0973-0508Indian Journal of Neurotrauma
0973-2284Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
0301-4738Indian journal of ophthalmology
0019-5413Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
0019-5421Indian journal of otolaryngology
0973-1075Indian Journal of Palliative Care
0377-4929Indian journal of pathology & microbiology
0019-5456Indian journal of pediatrics
0250-474XIndian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
0253-7613Indian Journal of Pharmacology
0019-5480Indian journal of physics and proceedings of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
0970-0358Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery
0019-5529Indian Journal of Poultry Science
0019-5545Indian Journal of Psychiatry
0019-5561Indian Journal of Public Administration
0019-5588Indian journal of pure and applied mathematics
0019-5596Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
0971-3026Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging
0253-7184Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
0019-5634Indian Journal of Social Work
0972-2068Indian journal of surgery
0975-7651Indian journal of surgical oncology
0970-9134Indian journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
0970-1591Indian Journal of Urology
0019-6061Indian Pediatrics
0367-973XIndian Phytopathology
0019-6479Indian Veterinary Journal
0019-6665Indiana Law Journal
0022-2518Indiana University mathematics journal
1535-7449Indicators - the Journal of Social Health
0393-3903Indice dei Libri del Mese
0019-7084Indice Penale - Nuova Serie
1024-3283Indigenous Affairs
0920-6949Indische Letteren
0019-7262Indogermanische Forschungen
0019-7246Indo-Iranian journal
1363-9811Indonesia and the Malay World
0304-2170Indonesian Quarterly
0905-6947Indoor air
1420-326XIndoor and Built Environment
0019-7416Industria - Rivista di Economia e Politica Industriale
0019-7483Industria Conserve
0888-5885Industrial & engineering chemistry research
0019-7939Industrial & Labor Relations Review
0019-7858Industrial and commercial training
0960-6491Industrial and corporate change
1754-9426Industrial and Organizational Psychology
0309-0728Industrial Archaeology Review
1550-9087Industrial Biotechnology
0306-2163Industrial Cases Reports
1121-7588Industrial ceramics
0926-6690Industrial crops and products
0959-8294Industrial Diamond Review
1542-894XIndustrial engineer
0964-9719Industrial Fire Journal
0019-8366Industrial Health
0019-8374Industrial heating
0147-5401Industrial Hygiene News
1523-4266Industrial Laser Solutions - for Manufacturing
0305-9332Industrial Law journal
0036-8792Industrial lubrication & tribology
0019-8471Industrial management
0263-5577Industrial Management & Data Systems.
0019-8501Industrial marketing management
0019-8544Industrial minerals
0019-8676Industrial relations
0770-0148Industrial Relations Europe
0019-8692Industrial relations journal
0307-5591Industrial Relations Law Reports
1169-873XIndustrie Ceramique et Verriere
0935-1469Industrie Diamanten Rundschau
1633-7107Industrie et Technologies
1434-1980Industrie Management
0019-9176Industrie Textile
0019-9036Industrie-Anzeiger : Zeitschrift für die Europäishe Technische Industrie
0943-2779Industrielle Beziehungen - Zeitschrift fur Arbeit Organisation und Management
1438-8537Industrielle Informationstechnik
0019-9311Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles
0950-4222Industry & Higher Education
0378-9993Industry and Environment Quarterly
1366-2716Industry and Innovation - Dynamics Strategies and Policies
0039-0895Industry week : the magazine for managers
0210-3702Infancia y Aprendizaje
1522-7227Infant and child development
0163-6383Infant behavior & development
0163-9641Infant mental health journal
1369-8036Infant Observation
0896-3746Infants and Young Children
0019-9567Infection and immunity
0899-823XInfection control and hospital epidemiology
1567-1348Infection, genetics and evolution
0749-6524Infections in Medicine
 Infectious Agents and Cancer
0891-5520Infectious Disease Clinics of North America
1056-9103Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice
1064-7449Infectious diseases in obstetrics and gynecology
1871-5265Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets
1047-9422Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Clinics of North America
0219-0257Infinite dimensional analysis, quantum probability and related topics
1492-5494Infirmiere Canadienne
1871-5281Inflammation and Allergy - Drug Targets
1023-3830Inflammation research
1078-0998Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
1750-2640Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses
0771-7148Info - Mededelingenblad van de Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek Archief Documentatiewez
1463-6697Info : the journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications, information and media
1286-0921Info Chimie Magazine
1381-3080Infobulletin Belastingdienst
1750-4740Infocus Magazine
0315-5986Infor - Information Systems and Operational Research
0897-8026Inform : international news on fats, oils and related materials
0019-977XInformacion Comercial Espanola - Revista de Economia
0716-8756Informacion Tecnologica
0390-0975Informatica e Diritto
1476-0320Informatics in primary care
0019-9907Informatie - Maandblad voor de Informatievoorziening
1388-4883Informatie en Zorg
1385-5328Informatie Professional
0170-6012Informatik - Spektrum : Organ Gesellschaft für Informatik
0178-3564Informatik : Forschung und Entwicklung
0943-5581Informatik Biometrie und Epidemiologie in Medizin und Biologie
1434-4653Information - Wissenschaft und Praxis
0378-7206Information & management : the international journal of management processes and systems
1360-0834Information and Communications Technology Law
0890-5401Information and computation
1471-7727Information and organization
0950-5849Information and software technology
0142-5471Information design journal + document design
0266-6669Information development : the international journal for librarians, archivists and information specialists
0362-0972Information display : the official journal of the Society for Information Display
0167-6245Information economics and policy
1566-2535Information fusion
0020-0093Information Geographique
0222-9838Information Grammaticale
0020-0123Information Litteraire
0968-5227Information Management & Computer Security
0961-7612Information management report
0266-6960Information media & technology : the journal of NRCd
1091-0808Information Outlook
1434-5250Information Philosophie
1570-1255Information polity
0306-4573Information processing & management : libraries and information retrieval-systems and communication networks
0020-0190Information processing letters
0020-0204Information Psychiatrique
1040-1628Information Resources Management Journal
1386-4564Information retrieval
0020-0220Information retrieval and library automation
0020-0255Information sciences : an international journal
1363-4127Information security technical report : smartcard security
0167-5265Information services & use
0743-8613Information Strategy - Boca Raton
0306-4379Information systems
1617-9846Information systems and e-business management
1526-7407Information Systems Control Journal
1387-3326Information systems frontiers : a journal of research and innovation
1350-1917Information systems journal
1058-0530Information systems management
1047-7047Information Systems Research
1544-7529Information Technologies and International Development
1385-951XInformation technology & management
0959-3845Information Technology & People
0730-9295Information technology and libraries
1098-3058Information Technology and Tourism
0268-1102Information technology for development
1812-5638Information Technology Journal
1080-286XInformation Technology Management
8755-6286Information today
1473-8716Information visualization
0950-9879Information World Review
1369-118XInformation, communication & society : ICS
1389-1995Information・knowledge・systems management
0020-0336Informationen aus Orthodontie und Kieferorthopadie
0251-3617Informations Constitutionnelles et Parlementaires
 Informations Sociales
1436-0829Informationweek - Munchen
8750-6874Informationweek : the news magazine for information management
1546-3141Informatore Farmaceutico Edimed il Prontuario del Medicinali
0263-5372Informe Latinoamericano
0020-0883Informes de la Construccion - Revista
1521-4672Informing Science - the International Journal of an Emerging Transcipline
1091-9856INFORMS journal on computing
1742-6847Infosecurity Today
1653-0225InfoTrend - Tidskrift for Informationsspecialister
1350-4495Infrared physics & technology : an international research journal
1029-516XIngenieria Mecanica
0210-2064Ingenieria Quimica - Madrid
0123-2126Ingenieria y Universidad
0020-1146Ingenieur - Technologietijdschrift
0020-1200Ingenieurs de l'Automobile
0895-8378Inhalation toxicology
0863-4564Initial - Zeitschrift fur Sozialwissenschaftlichen Diskurs
1353-8047Injury Prevention
1995-0829Inland water biology
1464-8172Inner Asia
0020-157XInnes review
0731-2334Innovation - Dulles VA
1447-9338Innovation - Management Policy and Practice
2157-930XInnovation and Development
1750-1229Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching
1531-3468Innovation policy and the economy
 Innovations - Cahiers d'Economie de l'Innovation
1470-3297Innovations in Education and Teaching International
 Innovations in Processing and Packaging
1614-5046Innovations in systems and software engineering
1466-8564Innovative food science & emerging technologies
0742-5627Innovative higher education
0020-1669Inorganic chemistry
1387-7003Inorganic chemistry communications
0020-1685Inorganic materials : a translation of Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR
2075-1133Inorganic materials: applied research
0020-1693Inorganica chimica acta : quarterly journal with an international panel of referees
1173-8324Inpharma Weekly - including Indexes
0019-0179Inpho - Fachhandels Zeitschrift fur Foto Video Electronic
1043-1942In-plant reproductions
0001-4982Inquinamento : acqua, aria, suolo
0020-174XInquiry - Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences
0046-9580Inquiry - Journal of Health Care Organization Provision and Financing
0965-1748Insect biochemistry and molecular biology
1752-458XInsect conservation and diversity
0962-1075Insect molecular biology
1672-9609Insect science
1399-560XInsect Systematics and Evolution
0020-1812Insectes sociaux
1075-1580Inside Microsoft Excel
1076-8106Inside Microsoft Powerpoint
1090-476XInside Microsoft Word
1071-8168Inside Natural
1081-3314Inside Solaris
1075-7902Inside the Internet
 Insights into Imaging
1180-0518INSOL international insolvency review
0950-2645Insolvency Intelligence
0267-0771Insolvency Law and Practice
1082-6955Inspectioneering Journal
0019-0217INSPEL - International Journal of Special Libraries
 Inspiration - Dubendorf
0168-1109Installatie Journaal
0192-5660Institutional Investor - International Edition - Europe
0020-3580Institutional Investor - US Edition
0065-6895Instructional Course Lectures - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
0020-4277Instructional science
1073-9149Instrumentation science & technology
0020-4412Instruments and experimental techniques : the Soviet journal Pribory i tekhnika éksperimenta in English translation
 Insulation - Energy Efficiency Newsletter
0142-6265Insurance Age
0957-0888Insurance Law Monthly
 Insurance Risk
0167-6687Insurance, mathematics & economics
1370-6020INTAMS Review - International Academy for Marital Spirituality
0192-303XInTech : an ISA publication.
2213-9451Intech Klimaat en Sanitair
0378-620XIntegral equations and operator theory
1065-2469Integral transforms and special functions
1389-5176Integrated assessment
1069-2509Integrated computer-aided engineering
1551-3777Integrated environmental assessment and management
1058-4587Integrated ferroelectrics
1353-5226Integrated pest management reviews
0167-9260Integration, the VLSI journal
1540-7063Integrative and Comparative Biology
1757-9694Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences fron nano to macro
1534-7354Integrative Cancer Therapies
1053-881XIntegrative physiological and behavioral science
1749-4869Integrative Zoology
0047-6765Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
1749-6977Intellectual History Review
0141-7584Intellectual Property Decisions
0141-9749Intellectual Property Newsletter
1364-906XIntellectual Property Quarterly
0169-1074Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht
0268-4527Intelligence and National Security
1750-8975Intelligent Buildings International
1088-467XIntelligent data analysis
1872-4981Intelligent decision technologies : an international journal
0959-6631Intelligent Highway
1861-2776Intelligent service robotics
1724-8035Intelligenza Artificiale
0942-6035Intensiv - Zeitschrift fur Intensiv und Anasthesiepflege
0964-3397Intensive and critical care nursing
0342-4642Intensive care medicine
0175-3851Intensivmedizin + Notfallmedizin
1614-4856Intensivmedizin Up2date
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1569-9293Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
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0927-7056Interface science
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 Intermediair Jaarboek
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1550-1329International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
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1748-1317International Journal of Low Carbon Technologies
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 International Law and Trade Perspective
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0925-0832International VAT Monitor
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0020-9635Interpretation - a Journal of Political Philosophy
1357-9401Interpretation - Association for Heritage Interpretation
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1911-0146Intersections - Canadian Journal of Music
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1053-4512Intervention in school and clinic
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0149-8932Interview - Boone
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1741-5977Inverse problems in science & engineering
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1354-2516Invertebrate neuroscience
0792-4259Invertebrate reproduction and development
1445-5226Invertebrate Systematics
0213-7771Investigacion en la Escuela
0210-136XInvestigacion y Ciencia
0167-6997Investigational new drugs
 Investigative Genetics
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1369-3727Investment and Pensions Europe
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0332-3102Irish Medical Journal
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0959-6410Islam and Christian Muslim Relations
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1729-8709ISO Focus - International Standards Organization
2226-1095ISO Focus+ - International Standards Organization
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1025-6016Isotopes in environmental and health studies
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0739-3172Issues in Accounting Education
0146-0862Issues in comprehensive pediatric nursing
1531-5150Issues in Interdisciplinary Care
8756-8160Issues in Law & Medicine
0161-2840Issues in mental health nursing
0748-5492Issues in science and technology
1611-2776IT - Information Technology
1557-2145IT Architect
0005-738XIt Beaken
1567-5963IT Beheer - Magazine voor IT Service en Security Management
0969-3297IT Law Today
1383-9667IT Management Select
1386-2871IT Monitor
1746-5702IT Now
1520-9202IT professional : technology solutions for the enterprise
1566-5275IT Service Magazine
0161-4622Italian Culture
1125-4718Italian Journal of Agronomy - Rivista di Agronomia
0021-2938Italian journal of biochemistry
1125-0003Italian Journal of Zoology
1827-2452Italian Oral Surgery
0075-1634Italian Studies - Leeds
1297-9562Itbm Rbm
1297-9570ITBM RBM news
0303-2434ITC journal
1381-4249Items - Tijdschrift voor Vormgeving
1438-5511Itfokus - Magazin fur Intelligent Enterprise Computing
0165-1153Itinerario - European Journal of Overseas History
0019-0810ITL International Journal of Applied Linguistics
1521-6543IUBMB life
0021-3241Iura - Rivista Internazionale di Diritto Romano e Antico
0935-9680IX - Magazin fur Professionelle Informationstechnik
 IZA Journal of Labor Economics
0001-4338Izvestiya, Academy of Sciences, USSR. Atmospheric and oceanic physics
1069-3513Izvestiya, Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics of the solid earth