1364-2642T3 - Tomorrow's Technology Today
0039-8837Tablet - Market Harborough
0143-7755Tableware international
1794-2489Tabula Rasa - Revista de Humanidades
1303-734XTAF - Preventive Medicine Bulletin
0494-464XTagliche Praxis
0285-0028Taikabutsu overseas
1028-4559Taiwanese journal of obstetrics and gynecology
1388-1558TAP - Tijdschrift voor Arbeid en Participatie
0924-1884Target - International Periodical of Translation Studies
1776-2596Targeted oncology
1439-5517TASPO Magazin
0040-0041Tax Law Review
0040-005XTax Lawyer
1741-0886Tax Planning International Indirect Taxes
1741-0886Tax Planning International Indirect Taxes
0309-7900Tax Planning International Review
1472-0841Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing
0892-8649Tax policy and the economy
1052-6765TD and T - Theatre Design and Technology
1366-4530Teacher Development
1354-0602Teachers and Teaching - Theory and Practice
0161-4681Teachers College Record
1068-378XTeaching and Change
1479-7976Teaching and Learning - Birmingham
1040-1334Teaching and Learning in Medicine
1557-2013Teaching and Learning in Nursing
0742-051XTeaching and Teacher Education
1541-1796Teaching artist journal
1367-3289Teaching Business and Economics
1382-6891Teaching business ethics
1073-5836Teaching children mathematics
1474-9335Teaching Citizenship
1047-6210Teaching Education
0040-0599Teaching Exceptional Children
0305-8018Teaching Geography - including Membership
0040-0610Teaching history
1356-2517Teaching in higher education
0268-3679Teaching mathematics and its applications
1069-7446Teaching Music
0098-6283Teaching of psychology
0145-5788Teaching Philosophy
0144-7394Teaching Public Administration
0092-055XTeaching sociology
0141-982XTeaching statistics
1368-4868Teaching theology and religion
1750-7138Teaching Thinking and Creativity
1741-9379Team in Practice Journal
1869-3202Team Konkret
1069-6539Team Management Briefings
1352-7592Team performance management
0397-6513TEC - Transport Environnement Circulation
0040-0866Technica - Rupperswil
0049-3155Technical communication
1057-2252Technical Communication Quarterly
1063-7842Technical physics
1063-7850Technical physics letters
1351-136XTechnical Rescue
0731-7131Technical services quarterly
0959-9185Technical Textile Markets
0964-5993Technical textiles international
0341-2032Technik am Bau
0752-4072Technique et science informatiques : TSI
1527-1803Techniques - Association for Career and Technical Education
0373-0719Techniques & architécture
1296-9281Techniques de l'Industrie Minerale.
0040-1374Techniques Hospitalieres - Revue des Technologies de la Sante
1123-6337Techniques in coloproctology
1536-0644Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery
1096-2883Techniques in gastrointestinal endoscopy
1089-3393Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
1077-2855Techniques in Neurosurgery
0885-9698Techniques in Orthopaedics
1084-208XTechniques in regional anesthesia & pain management
1523-9896Techniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
0299-7258Techniques, sciences, méthodes : genie urbain genie rural
0040-1439Technische Mitteilungen : Organ des Hauses der Technik e. V. Essen
0171-8096Technisches Messen tm
1477-965XTechnoetic arts
1392-8619Technological and Economic Development of Economy
0040-1625Technological forecasting and social change
0344-9696Technologie Nachrichten - Management Informationen
0953-7325Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
0040-165XTechnology and culture
1055-4181Technology and disability
0928-7329Technology and health care
1053-6728Technology and Learning - Vandalia
0160-791XTechnology in society : an international journal
1099-274XTechnology review
1475-939XTechnology, pedagogy andeducation
0040-1889Tecnica Pecuaria en Mexico
 Tecnologia y Ciencias del Agua
1136-0062Tectonica - Monografias de Arquitectura Tecn ologia y Construccion
0040-1951Tectonophysics : international journal of geotectonics and the geology and physics of the interior of the earth
1074-7494Teen Voices
0267-1484Telecom Markets
1018-4864Telecommunication systems : modeling, analysis, design and management
1534-9594Telecommunications - International Edition
1534-956XTelecommunications Americas
0040-2508Telecommunications and radio engineering
0308-5961Telecommunications policy
0736-5853Telematics and informatics : an international journal
1530-5627Telemedicine Journal and e-Health
0040-2656Telephony : the American telephone journal
0308-454XTelevision - London
1527-4764Television and New Media
0953-6841Television Business International - London
0040-2796Television Quarterly
0280-6495Tellus. Series A, Dynamic meteorology and oceanography
0280-6509Tellus. Series B, Chemical and physical meteorology
0090-6514Telos - New York
0899-8086Temple Law Review
0040-3075Temps Modernes
0040-3288Tennessee Law Review
0040-3423Tennis - Des Moines
0932-3414Tenside Surfactants Detergents
0890-3352Tenso - Bulletin of the Societe Guilhem IX
0040-3504Tensor. New series
0270-3211Teratogenesis, carcinogenesis, and mutagenesis
1574-9711Terra - Opinieblad van Stichting Natuur en Milieu
0954-4879Terra nova
0082-2884Terrae Incognitae - the Journal for the History of Discoveries
 Terrain - Paris
1874-9828Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews
0954-6553Terrorism and political violence
1358-3883Tertiary education and management
1056-7941TESOL journal : a journal of teaching and classroom research
0039-8322TESOL quarterly
0040-3946Test - Stuttgart
0744-1657Test & measurement world
0772-9413Test Aankoop Magazine
0193-4120Test engineering & management
0040-4039Tetrahedron letters
0957-4166Tetrahedron, asymmetry
0040-4284Texas Dental Journal
0730-2347Texas Heart Institute journal
0163-7479Texas international law journal
0040-4411Texas Law Review
0040-4446Texas Library Journal
0040-4470Texas Medicine
 Texas Nursing Voice
0040-4691Texas studies in literature and language
1046-2937Text and Performance Quarterly
1860-7330Text and Talk
0040-5329Text und Kritik - Ohne Sonderband
0715-8920Texte - North York
0040-4969Textile History
1353-6184Textile horizons
0040-5116Textile Month
0040-5167Textile progress
0040-5175Textile research journal
1384-5306Textile View Magazine
0040-5213Textile world
1475-9756Textile: The Journal of Cloth & Culture
1367-1308Textiles magazine
0040-5140Textiles Panamericanos - Edicion Espanol - Revista para la Industria Textile
0104-0707Texto and Contexto Enfermagem
1559-2936Textual Cultures - Text Contexts Interpretation
0950-236XTextual practice
0730-3300Textures and microstructures
0082-3767Textus - Annual of the Hebrew University Bible Projects
1567-8644TG - Technologie in de Gezondheidszorg
1610-5656TGA Fachplaner
0167-9228TGG - Tijdschrift voor Gerontologie en Geriatrie
1380-7110TH en MA - Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs en Management
1381-1312Thamyris Intersecting - Place Sex and Race
0077-5762The ... Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
0001-4273The Academy of Management journal
1558-9080The Academy of Management perspectives
0363-7425The Academy of Management review
0001-4826The accounting review
0001-9240The Aeronautical journal
0002-4341The Alabama review
0360-9081The American archivist
0737-6650The American Asian review
0002-7685The American biology teacher
0149-9408The American book review
0149-337XThe American city & county
0002-8282The American economic review
0002-8703The American heart journal
0002-8762The American historical review
0002-9149The American journal of cardiology
0192-415XThe American journal of Chinese medicine (1979)
0002-919XThe American journal of comparative law
0095-2990The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse
0002-9246The American journal of economics and sociology
0735-6757The American journal of emergency medicine
1098-2140The American journal of evaluation
0192-6187The American journal of family therapy
1543-5946The American journal of geriatric pharmacotherapy
0002-9300The American Journal of International Law
0002-9319The American journal of legal history
1088-0224The American journal of managed care
0002-9343The American journal of medicine
0002-953XThe American journal of psychiatry
0002-9548The American journal of psychoanalysis
0002-9556The American journal of psychology
0002-9602The American journal of sociology
0002-9610The American journal of surgery
0002-9890The American mathematical monthly : official journal of the Mathematical Association of America
0003-0031The American midland naturalist
0360-3709The American poetry review
0003-0554The American Political Science Review
0003-066XThe American psychologist
0272-2011The American review of Canadian studies
0003-0937The American Scholar
0003-1305The American statistician : a publication for the American Statistical Association
0003-1615The Americas
1050-5164The annals of applied probability : an official journal of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
0003-4878The annals of occupational hygiene
0003-4894The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology
0091-1798The annals of probability
0570-1864The annals of regional science
0090-5364The annals of statistics : an official journal of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
0003-5769The Antioch review
1446-1811The ANZIAM journal : the Australian & New Zealand industrial and applied mathematics journal
1326-4966The APPEA journal
0003-7087The Appraisal journal
0003-8466The architects' journal
0003-861XThe architectural review : a magazine of architecture & decoration
0004-3079The Art bulletin
0269-2821The Artificial intelligence review
0197-4556The Arts in psychotherapy
1093-6106The Asian journal of mathematics : AJM
0935-4956The Astronomy and astrophysics review
0004-637XThe Astrophysical journal
2041-8205The Astrophysical journal. Pt. 2
0067-0049The astrophysical journal. Supplement series
1072-7825The Atlantic Monthly
1034-6775The AusIMM bulletin
0004-8658The Australian & New Zealand journal of criminology
0004-8666The Australian and New Zealand journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
1035-8811The Australian journal of anthropology
1038-5282The Australian journal of rural health
1078-1196The Bank America journal of applied corporate finance
0264-6021The Biochemical journal
0006-3185The Biological bulletin
0006-4246The Black Scholar
0006-8101The botanical review
0888-045XThe Bottom line
1075-122XThe breast journal
0890-8389The British accounting review
0007-0882The British journal for the philosophy of science
0007-0955The British Journal of Criminology
0261-510XThe British journal of developmental psychology
0007-0998The British journal of educational psychology
0266-4356The British journal of oral & maxillofacial surgery
0007-1315The British journal of sociology
0745-1253The Brookings review
1527-8395The Brown University child and adolescent psychopharmacology update
0007-2745The bryologist
1079-8986The bulletin of symbolic logic
0007-6287The Burlington magazine
0008-3755The Canadian historical review
1920-1818The Canadian journal of applied linguistics
0828-282XThe Canadian journal of cardiology
0008-4034The Canadian journal of chemical engineering
0705-4580The Canadian journal of regional science = La Revue canadienne des sciences régionales
0889-4019The Career development quarterly
0008-7041The cartographic journal
0008-7912The Catholic Biblical Quarterly
0008-8080The Catholic historical review
0009-2002The Chaucer review
0302-0797The Chemical engineer : the bulletin of the Institution of Chemical Engineers
1385-8947The Chemical engineering journal : an international journal of research and development
1527-8999The chemical record
1610-1979The Chinese-German journal of clinical oncology
0009-5281The Christian Century
0009-8353The classical journal
0009-8418The Classical world
0009-8655The Clearing House
1743-4971The clinical teacher
0746-8342The College mathematics journal
0010-1931The Columbia journal of transnational law
1071-4421The communication review
0010-4620The Computer journal
0267-3649The computer law and security report
0010-5422The condor
0010-5899The Congressional digest
0010-650XThe Conservationist
0010-8804The Cornell hotel and restaurant administration quarterly
0011-1562The Critical quarterly
0958-5176The Curriculum Journal
0261-3131The Ecologist : journal of the post industrial age
0013-0117The Economic history review. Ser. 2
0013-0133The economic journal : the quarterly journal of the British Economic Association
0967-0750The economics of transition
0013-0613The economist : or the political, commercial, agricultural, and free-trade journal
0013-0796The Ecumenical Review
0013-127XThe Education Digest
0013-4384The Electrical review
1040-6190The Electricity journal
0264-0473The electronic library : the international journal for minicomputer, microcomputer, and software applications in libraries
0013-5984The Elementary school journal
0261-4189The EMBO journal
0195-6574The Energy journal
0013-791XThe Engineering Economist
0013-8266The English historical review
0251-1088The Environmentalist
1618-7598The European journal of health economics
1102-4151The European journal of surgery
1434-6001The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei
1286-0042The European physical journal. Applied physics : EPJ
1434-6028The European physical journal. B, Condensed matter physics
1434-6044The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields
1434-6060The European physical journal. D, Atomic, molecular and optical physics
1292-8941The European physical journal. E, Soft matter
1951-6355The European physical journal. Special topics
0014-3367The Evangelical quarterly
0892-6638The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
1742-464XThe FEBS journal
0015-198XThe Financial analysts journal
0732-8516The Financial review
0015-4040The Florida entomologist
0736-0932The Forum for social economics
1744-1889The foundation years
0015-9042The foundry trade journal
0016-111XThe French review
1054-8289The Future of Children
0016-3317The Futurist
0016-7568The Geological magazine, or, Monthly journal of geology. Whole series
0016-8890The Germanic review
0016-9013The Gerontologist
1081-180XThe Harvard international journal of press/politics
0093-0334The Hastings Center report
0018-1498The High School journal
0018-2168The Hispanic American Historical Review
0018-2370The Historian
1081-602XThe history of the family
0018-2745The History teacher
0959-6836The Holocene
0018-702XThe Hudson review
0018-7399The Humanist
0887-3267The humanistic psychologist
0018-7895The Huntington Library Quarterly
1368-2199The imaging science journal
0143-991XThe Industrial robot
0197-2243The Information society
0020-658XThe International dyer : textile printer bleacher and finisher
1057-2317The international information & library review
0268-3768The International journal [of] advanced manufacturing technology
0361-7882The International journal of African historical studies
1050-8414The International journal of aviation psychology
1569-5794The international journal of cardiovascular imaging
0927-5568The international journal of children's rights
1044-4068The International journal of conflict management
1028-6632The international journal of cultural policy
0276-3478The international journal of eating disorders
0949-149XThe International journal of engineering education
0020-7233The International journal of environmental studies
1365-7127The international journal of evidence & proof
0749-6753The international journal of health planning and management
0948-3349The international journal of life cycle assessment
0927-3522The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
1478-5951The international journal of medical robotics and computer assisted surgery
1750-9548The international journal of multiphysics
1057-2414The International journal of nautical archaeology
1461-1457The international journal of neuropsychopharmacology : official scientific journal of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-sychopharmacologicum (CINP)
1029-8436The International journal of pavement engineering
0091-4037The International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric
1741-0401The international journal of productivity and performance management
0951-3558The International Journal of Public Sector Management
0265-671XThe International journal of quality & reliability management
0278-3649The International journal of robotics research
0144-333XThe International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
1350-4509The International journal of sustainable development and world ecology
1099-2340The international journal of tourism research
1473-3315The international journal of ventilation
0197-9183The International migration review
0020-8841The international sugar journal
1096-7516The internet and higher education : a quartely review of innovations in post-secondary education
1038-4871The Island arc
0261-4340The Italianist
1882-7616The Japanese dental science review
1352-4739The Japanese economic review
0021-6682The Jewish quarterly review
1078-4128The John Marshall journal of computer & information law
1553-7250The Joint Commission journal on quality improvement
1555-4155The journal for nurse practitioners
1040-9602The Journal for quality and participation
0099-1333The Journal of academic librarianship
0021-8510The journal of aesthetic education
0021-8529The journal of aesthetics and art criticism
1548-1867The Journal of African American history
1542-7331The journal of American culture (Malden, Mass. 2003)
0021-8723The Journal of American history
0021-8863The Journal of applied behavioral science
0161-8202The Journal of arachnology
0883-5403The Journal of arthroplasty
1063-2921The journal of arts management, law, and society
0021-9118The Journal of Asian Studies
0277-0903The Journal of asthma
1094-3412The journal of behavioral health services & research
0021-924XThe journal of biochemistry
0021-9258The journal of biological chemistry
0021-9398The journal of business
0885-8624The Journal of business & industrial marketing
0275-6668The Journal of Business Strategy
0021-9487The Journal of Canadian petroleum technology
0021-9525The journal of cell biology
0021-9606The journal of chemical physics
0021-9614The Journal of chemical thermodynamics
1524-6175The journal of clinical hypertension
0021-9738The journal of clinical investigation
0734-6670The Journal of college admissions
1460-1559The journal of computational finance
0731-9258The Journal of computers in mathematics and science teaching
0022-0027The Journal of conflict resolution : a quarterly for research related to war and peace
0022-0078The journal of consumer affairs
0736-3761The Journal of consumer marketing
0093-5301The Journal of consumer research
1044-8136The Journal of corporate accounting & finance
1074-1240The Journal of derivatives
0954-6634The Journal of dermatological treatment
0385-2407The Journal of dermatology
0022-037XThe Journal of developing areas
0022-0388The Journal of development studies : a quarterly journal devoted to economic, political and social development
0022-0418The journal of documentation
0022-0477The Journal of ecology
0022-0485The Journal of economic education
0022-0507The journal of economic history
1569-1721The journal of economic inequality
0895-3309The Journal of economic perspectives : a journal of the American Economic Association
0022-0671The Journal of educational research
0095-2443The Journal of elastomers and plastics
0736-4679The Journal of emergency medicine
0095-8964The Journal of environmental education
1382-4554The Journal of ethics : an international philosophical review
1066-5234The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology
1053-8259The Journal of experiential education
0022-0949The journal of experimental biology
0022-0973The Journal of experimental education
0022-1058The journal of extra-corporeal technology
0022-1082The Journal of finance
0270-2592The journal of financial research
1059-8596The Journal of fixed income
1067-2516The Journal of foot and ankle surgery
1478-9949The journal of forensic psychiatry & psychology
1069-5869The journal of fourier analysis and applications
0270-7314The Journal of Futures Markets
1066-8950The Journal of fuzzy mathematics
1099-498XThe journal of gene medicine
0021-3667The journal of general education
0022-1295The journal of general physiology
0022-1309The Journal of general psychology : experimental, theoretical, clinical and historical psychology
0022-1325The Journal of genetic psychology
0022-1376The Journal of geology
1050-6926The Journal of geometric analysis
0363-5023The Journal of hand surgery
1129-2369The Journal of headache and pain
0075-4269The journal of Hellenic studies
0022-1546The Journal of higher education
0022-1554The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry
0022-166XThe Journal of human resources
0735-6846The Journal of humanistic education and development
1522-2527The journal of individual psychology
0022-1821The journal of industrial economics
0163-4453The Journal of infection
0022-1899The Journal of infectious diseases
0897-3962The Journal of integral equations and applications
0022-1953The journal of interdisciplinary history
1087-0024The Journal of Investigative Dermatology.Symposium Proceedings
1528-5812The Journal of Investment Compliance
0095-6848The journal of Japanese studies
1073-1105The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
0144-0365The journal of legal history
0047-2530The journal of legal studies
0896-5811The journal of legal studies education
0732-3123The Journal of mathematical behavior
0022-250XThe journal of mathematical sociology
1041-3545The Journal of medical humanities
0360-5310The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
0022-2631The journal of membrane biology
1571-8913The Journal of men's health & gender
0832-7823The journal of microwave power and electromagnetic energy : a publication of the International Microwave Power Institute
0899-3718The journal of military history
0022-2801The Journal of modern history
0141-1896The Journal of musicological research
0270-6474The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience
0022-3263The Journal of organic chemistry
1526-5900The journal of pain
0022-3395The Journal of parasitology
0022-3417The Journal of pathology
0022-3476The journal of pediatrics
0022-3565The journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
0022-362XThe Journal of Philosophy
1089-5639The Journal of physical chemistry. A
1520-6106The Journal of physical chemistry. B
1932-7447The journal of physical chemistry. C
0022-3697The journal of physics and chemistry of solids
1880-6546The journal of physiological sciences : JPS
0022-3751The Journal of physiology
1384-1289The journal of policy reform
0022-3808The journal of political economy
0963-8016The journal of political philosophy
0022-3816The Journal of politics
0195-6051The Journal of popular film and television
0095-4918The journal of portfolio management
0278-095XThe Journal of primary prevention
1061-0421The Journal of product & brand management
0737-6782The Journal of product innovation management
0022-3913The Journal of prosthetic dentistry
0022-3980The Journal of psychology
0895-5638The Journal of real estate finance and economics
0022-4189The journal of religion
0022-4227The Journal of religious history
1465-1211The journal of risk
0022-4367The Journal of risk and insurance
1526-5943The Journal of Risk Finance
0890-765XThe journal of rural health
0887-6045The Journal of Services Marketing
0022-4499The Journal of sex research
0022-4545The journal of social psychology : political, racial, and differential psychology
0964-9069The Journal of social welfare & family law
1053-5357The Journal of socio-economics
0022-4642The Journal of Southern History
0022-4669The Journal of Special Education
0891-625XThe Journal of speculative philosophy
0022-4707The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness
0960-0760The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology
0963-8687The Journal of strategic information systems
0920-8542The Journal of supercomputing
0896-8446The journal of supercritical fluids
1523-2409The journal of supply chain management
0022-4804The Journal of surgical research
0022-4812The Journal of symbolic logic
0892-9912The Journal of technology transfer
0001-4966The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
1477-4739The journal of the Communications Network : the journal
0073-0912The journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory devoted to bryology and lichenology = 財団法人服部植物研究所報告
1529-921XThe journal of the Historical Society
1050-8406The Journal of the learning sciences
1095-5674The journal of the Torrey Botanical Society
0896-548XThe Journal of trace elements in experimental medicine
0022-5266The Journal of transport history
0022-5363The Journal of value inquiry
0916-7250The journal of veterinary medical science
1422-2213The journal of world intellectual property
0269-8889The Knowledge engineering review
0256-1115The Korean journal of chemical engineering
0140-6736The lancet
1473-3099The Lancet infectious diseases
1569-1853The Law and practice of international courts and tribunals
1048-9843The leadership quarterly
1070-485XThe leading edge
0969-6474The Learning Organization
0024-2519The library quarterly
0024-2160The library. Ser. 6
0167-6318The Linguistic review
0144-932XThe Liverpool law review
0024-6085The London magazine : a monthly review of literature
0025-4878The Massachusetts Review
1047-5974The Mathematica journal : the independent publication of the mathematica community
0343-6993The Mathematical intelligencer
0312-3685The Mathematical scientist
0025-5769The Mathematics teacher
0026-2285The Michigan mathematical journal
0026-282XThe Microscope
0026-3141The Middle East journal
0026-3451The Midwest Quarterly
0887-378XThe Milbank quarterly
0026-637XThe Mississippi Quarterly
0026-7902The Modern language journal
0026-7961The modern law review
0026-9662The Monist
0027-2507The Mount Sinai journal of medicine, New York
0027-4631The Musical quarterly
0027-4909The Muslim world
0027-8378The Nation (New York, N.Y.)
0884-9382The National interest
0028-4866The New England quarterly
0028-6583The New republic
1361-4533The new review of academic librarianship
0028-7504The New York review of books
0028-792XThe New Yorker
1062-9408The North American journal of economics and finance
0029-568XThe nucleus : an international journal of cytology and allied topics
0361-1817The nurse practitioner
0029-7704The Observatory : review of astronomy
0736-0053The opera quarterly
0094-0798The Oral History Review
1354-814XThe Philosophers' Magazine
0031-8108The Philosophical review
0031-8736The Photographic journal : official organ of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and the Photographic Alliance
0031-8981The Physical educator
0031-918XThe physics of metals and metallography
1040-4651The plant cell
0960-7412The Plant journal
0091-3715The Political science reviewer
1099-3681The presidency
0033-0124The Professional geographer
0270-4137The Prostate
1572-3887The Protein journal
0033-2933The Psychological record
1088-7156The psychologist manager journal
0272-3433The Public historian
1098-3708The quarterly journal of Austrian economics
0033-5533The quarterly journal of economics
0272-4995The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology. B, Comparative and physiological psychology
0033-5606The Quarterly journal of mathematics. Oxford ser. 2
1062-9769The Quarterly review of economics and finance
1382-4090The Ramanujan journal
0741-6261The Rand journal of economics
0034-0561The reading teacher
0889-3047The review of Austrian economics
0276-0045The Review of contemporary fiction
0034-6527The review of economic studies
0034-6535The Review of economics and statistics
0893-9454The Review of financial studies
1541-132XThe review of policy research
0034-6705The review of politics
1568-4857The review of rabbinic Judaism
0048-749XThe Review of regional studies
0035-7596The Rocky Mountain journal of mathematics
0036-0341The Russian review
1013-9052The Saudi dental journal
0347-0520The Scandinavian journal of economics
0106-2301The Scandinavian psychoanalytic review
0890-3670The Scientist
0036-9241The Scottish historical review
0361-526XThe Serials librarian : the quarterly journal of serials management
0037-3052The Sewanee review
0361-0160The Sixteenth century journal
0037-6795The Slavonic and East European Review
0037-7961The Social service review
0037-7996The Social studies
0038-0261The Sociological review. New series
0038-2876The South Atlantic quarterly
0038-4283The Southern journal of philosophy
0038-4291The Southern literary journal
0038-4496The Southern quarterly
0038-4534The Southern Review
1529-9430The spine journal
0888-4781The sport psychologist
0039-0526The statistician : journal of the Institute of Statisticians
1541-7794The structural design of tall and special buildings
1466-5123The structural engineer : journal of the Institution of Structural Engineers
1479-666XThe surgeon
0746-3537The Technology Teacher
0040-8735The Tôhoku mathematical journal = 東北數學雜誌
0041-0020The town planning review
0954-478XThe TQM magazine
0020-3122The Transport engineer
0197-3622The UMAP journal
0041-9494The University of Chicago law review
0042-0220The University of Toronto law journal
1090-0233The veterinary journal
0042-675XThe Virginia Quarterly Review
0178-2789The visual computer : international journal of computer graphics
1066-8888The VLDB journal
0042-8639The Volta review
0043-0633The Washington Monthly
0163-660XThe Washington quarterly
0043-3810The Western historical quarterly
0043-5597The William and Mary quarterly
0043-5643The Wilson bulletin
0363-3276The Wilson Quarterly
0738-1433The Women's review of books
0258-6770The World Bank economic review
0257-3032The World Bank Research Observer
0043-9134The World Today
0044-0094The Yale Law Journal
0044-0124The Yale review
1077-4254The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
0161-0775Theater - Yale School of Drama - Yale Repertory Theater
0040-5507Theater Heute
 Theater Heute - Jahrbuch
0192-2882Theatre journal
0040-5523Theatre notebook
0962-1792Theatre Record
0307-8833Theatre Research International
0040-5574Theatre Survey
0040-5574Theatre Survey
1054-8378Theatre Topics
0040-5612Theologia Reformata
0040-5639Theological Studies
0342-1457Theologie der Gegenwart
0040-5655Theologie und Philosophie
1572-5057Theologisch Debat
0040-5671Theologische Literaturzeitung
0342-1430Theologische Quartalschrift
0040-568XTheologische Revue
0040-5698Theologische Rundschau - Neue Folge
0040-5701Theologische Zeitschrift
1474-6700Theology and Science
1355-8358Theology and sexuality
0040-5736Theology Today
0177-798XTheoretical and applied climatology
1841-8678Theoretical and Applied Economics
0167-8442Theoretical and applied fracture mechanics
0040-5752Theoretical and applied genetics
0935-4964Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics
0040-5760Theoretical and experimental chemistry
0040-5779Theoretical and mathematical physics
 Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
1432-881XTheoretical Chemistry accounts
0304-3975Theoretical computer science
1362-4806Theoretical Criminology
1874-1738Theoretical ecology
1933-6837Theoretical economics
0040-5795Theoretical foundations of chemical engineering
0988-3754Theoretical Informatics and Applications
1463-922XTheoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science
0301-4428Theoretical Linguistics
1386-7415Theoretical medicine and bioethics
0040-5809Theoretical population biology
0717-196XTheoria - Concepcion
0040-5833Theory and decision : an international journal for philosophy and methodology of the social sciences
1471-0684Theory and practice of logic programming
0959-3543Theory and Psychology
1477-8785Theory and Research in Education
0093-3104Theory and Research in Social Education
0093-3104Theory and Research in Social Education
0304-2421Theory and society : renewal and critique in social theory
0263-2764Theory Culture and Society
1431-7613Theory in biosciences
0040-5841Theory into practice
1432-4350Theory of computing systems
0040-585XTheory of probability and its applications
0094-9000Theory of probability and mathematical statistics : translation of Teorija verojatnosteĭ i matematičeskaja statistika
1753-9447Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease
2040-6223Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease
2042-0188Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism
1756-283XTherapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology
2049-9361Therapeutic Advances in Infectious Disease
1758-8340Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology
1756-2856Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorder
1753-4658Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease
1091-6660Therapeutic apheresis
1744-9979Therapeutic apheresis and dialysis
0964-1866Therapeutic Communities
2041-5990Therapeutic Delivery
0163-4356Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
1176-6336Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management
0040-5930Therapeutische Umschau
0040-5957Thérapie : journal de la Société française de thérapeutique et de pharmacodynamie
 Therapie Familiale
1748-7846Therapy today
0040-6015Thermal engineering : Soviet power industry research & technology
0354-9836Thermal science
0040-6031Thermochimica acta
0725-5136Thesis Eleven
0263-8231Thin - walled structures
1079-4050Thin films
0040-6090Thin solid films
0190-3330Thinking - the Journal of Philosophy for Children
1354-6783Thinking and reasoning
1871-1871Thinking skills and creativity
0952-8822Third Text
0143-6597Third world quarterly
0040-6171This England
0171-6425Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon
1547-4127Thoracic Surgery Clinics
0340-6245Thrombosis and haemostasis : journal of the International Society on thrombosis and haemostasis
0049-3848Thrombosis research
1096-4762Thunderbird international business review
 Thyroid Research
1877-959XTicks and tick-borne diseases
0040-6953Tidskrift Utgiven av Juridiska Foreningen iFinland
0029-2001Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening
0040-716XTidsskrift for Samfunnsforskning
0944-8780Tiefbau - Bielefeld
1572-5472Tiem - Tijdschrift voor Informatie en Management
1614-8754Tierarzthelferin Konkret
1434-1220Tierarztliche Praxis - Ausgabe G - Grosstiere Nutztiere
1434-1239Tierarztliche Praxis - Ausgabe K - Kleintiere Heimtiere
0049-3864Tierarztliche Umschau
1388-2635Tijdschrift Administratie
1389-7713Tijdschrift Controlling
1874-1681Tijdschrift Erfrecht
0927-5746Tijdschrift Fiscaal Ondernemingsrecht
0923-8018Tijdschrift Kanker
1871-4773Tijdschrift Lucht
0920-0649Tijdschrift Oude Muziek
2211-9507Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit
1388-7289Tijdschrift Perspectief - Informatie en Opinieblad voor de Jeugdbescherming
1383-7079Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis
1383-8849Tijdschrift Vervoer en Recht
0378-2778Tijdschrift voor Alcohol Drugs en andere Psychotrope Stoffen
0168-5848Tijdschrift voor Ambtenarenrecht
0169-2216Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken
0167-1359Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage
0929-600XTijdschrift voor Bedrijfs en Verzekeringsgeneeskunde
0040-7437Tijdschrift voor Bestuurswetenschappen en Publiekrecht
1877-0959Tijdschrift voor Coaching
1384-6930Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap
1871-3947Tijdschrift voor Consumentenrecht en Handelspraktijken
0165-182XTijdschrift voor Criminologie
1388-509XTijdschrift voor de Leefomgeving
0165-0122Tijdschrift voor de Politie
0927-1333Tijdschrift voor de Rechten van het Kind
0040-7453Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde
0040-747XTijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie
0040-7496Tijdschrift voor Entomologie
0921-4348Tijdschrift voor Ergonomie - Eindhoven
0040-750XTijdschrift voor Filosofie
1574-7913Tijdschrift voor Financieel Recht
1388-3186Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies
0371-683XTijdschrift voor geneeskunde
0040-7518Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis
0165-0874Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsrecht
0165-0874Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsrecht
1572-0179Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidszorg en Ethiek
1568-654XTijdschrift voor Herstelrecht
0169-9067Tijdschrift voor het Economisch Onderwijs
0168-1095Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs
0928-4672Tijdschrift voor Huisartsgeneeskunde
0928-2998Tijdschrift voor Hygiene en Infectiepreventie
1381-5849Tijdschrift voor Insolventierecht
0928-0065Tijdschrift voor Integrale Geneeskunde
0376-7442Tijdschrift voor Kindergeneeskunde
1376-2737Tijdschrift voor Liturgie
1386-5927Tijdschrift voor Management Development
0165-1439Tijdschrift voor Marketing
1389-6555Tijdschrift voor Medisch Onderwijs
0040-7550Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Taal en Letterkunde
1570-9361Tijdschrift voor Openbare Financien
0165-0947Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek
0771-9825Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek Kinderpsychiatrie en Klinische Kinderpsychologie
1872-4078Tijdschrift voor Praktijkondersteuning
0082-4313Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht
0303-7339Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie
0165-1188Tijdschrift voor Psychotherapie
0040-7585Tijdschrift voor rechtsgeschiedenis
0775-3969Tijdschrift voor Rechtspersoon en Vennootschap
1879-7784Tijdschrift voor Religie Recht en Beleid
0167-5915Tijdschrift voor Seksuologie
 Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis
1572-1701Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis
0777-883XTijdschrift voor Sociologie
1573-9775Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing
0168-9959Tijdschrift voor Theologie
0923-618XTijdschrift voor Toegepaste Arbowetenschap
1879-8705Tijdschrift voor Toezicht
2211-3037Tijdschrift voor Urologie
1872-7948Tijdschrift voor Veiligheid
1388-2066Tijdschrift voor Vergoeding Personenschade
0378-1925Tijdschrift voor Verloskundigen
1386-1514Tijdschrift voor Verpleeghuisgeneeskunde
0927-3336Tijdschrift voor Waterstaatsgeschiedenis
0167-9988Tijdschrift voor Zeegeschiedenis
0926-874XTilburg Foreign Law Review
0160-6433Timber Harvesting
0928-8430Time - Europe
1751-696XTime and Mind - Journal of Archaeology Consciousness and Culture
0961-463XTime and Society
0307-661XTimes Literary Supplement
0927-8982TINFON - Tijdschrift voor Informatica Onderwijs
1461-5533Tips and Advice Internet
0090-8657Tire Sciences and Technology
0941-1038TIS - Tiefbau Ingenieurbau Strassenbau
0040-8166Tissue and cell
0001-2815Tissue antigens
1076-3279Tissue engineering
1937-3368Tissue Engineering - Part B Reviews
1937-3384Tissue Engineering - Part C Methods
1738-2696Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
1359-5474Tizard Learning Disability Review
0041-4840TM - Typografische Monatsblatter
1360-2276TM & IH. Tropical medicine and international health
0166-5294TMA - Tijdschrift voor Milieuschade en Aansprakelijkheidsrecht
0967-523XTMI - Treasury Management International
1566-1725TNO Magazine
0964-4563Tobacco control
0929-7537Toets - Vakblad over Effectrapportage
0040-8727Tohoku journal of experimental medicine
0387-3870Tokyo journal of mathematics
1547-3155Tolkien Studies - Annual Scholarly Review
0040-9243Tooling and production
0936-8302Top Agrar - Basisprogramm
0342-2399Top Agrar - Basisprogramm mit den Spezialprogrammen Schweinehaltung und Rindviehhaltung
1022-5528Topics in catalysis
0883-5691Topics in Clinical Nutrition
1756-8757Topics in cognitive science : journal of the Cognitive Science Society
0340-1022Topics in current chemistry = Fortschritte der chemischen Forschung
0271-1214Topics in early childhood special education
0882-7524Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation
1065-0989Topics in Health Information Management
0271-8294Topics in Language Disorders
0899-3459Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : TMRI
1082-0744Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
1074-9357Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation
1230-3429Topological methods in nonlinear analysis
0166-8641Topology and its applications
0942-752XTopos - European Landscape Magazine
0826-9831Toronto Journal of Theology
1478-3363Total quality management & business excellence
1469-0764Totalitarian movements and political religions
1746-7616Tottel's Communications Law
0082-5433T'oung pao
1083-5423Tourism Analysis
1479-053XTourism and Hospitality Planning and Development
1467-3584Tourism and Hospitality Research
1098-304XTourism Culture and Communication
1354-8166Tourism Economics
1461-6688Tourism Geographies
0261-5177Tourism management
2211-9736Tourism Management Perspectives
0250-8281Tourism Recreation Research
1544-2721Tourism Review International
1468-7976Tourist Studies
0040-9960Town and country planning
0192-6233Toxicologic pathology
0277-2248Toxicological and environmental chemistry
1176-2551Toxicological Reviews
1096-6080Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology
0041-008XToxicology and applied pharmacology
2005-9752Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences
0748-2337Toxicology and industrial health
0887-2333Toxicology in vitro
0378-4274Toxicology Letters
1537-6516Toxicology mechanisms and methods
2045-452XToxicology Research
1556-9543Toxin Reviews
1572-414XTPC - Tijdschrift voor Public Governance Audit en Control
0165-442XTPE Tijdschrift voor Politieke Ekonomie
0738-6826TR News - Transportation Research Board
1023-0823TR Technische Rundschau - das Schweizer Industrie Magazin
0946-2104Trace Elements and Electrolytes
0041-0284Track and Field News
1085-8792Track Coach
1464-8873Trade Finance
0950-2564Trademark World
0362-1529Traditio - Studies in Ancient and Medieval History Thought and Religion
0041-0683Traffic engineering and control
1538-9588Traffic Injury Prevention
1356-9252Traffic Technology International
0041-073XTraffic World
0310-4664Training and Development in Australia
1465-6523Training Journal
1248-9433Traitement Automatique des Langues
0765-0019Traitement du Signal
0041-0950Traitement thermique
0778-8304Trajecta - Tijdschrift voor de Geschiedenis van het Katholiek Leven in de Nederlanden
1301-3149Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi
0362-1537Transactional Analysis Journal
1361-1682Transactions in GIS
0002-8320Transactions of the American Entomological Society
0002-8487Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
0065-8375Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society
0002-9947Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
0003-018XTransactions of the American Nuclear Society
0065-9533Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society
0360-5949Transactions of the American Philological Association
0065-9746Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. New series
0001-2351Transactions of the ASABE - American Society of Agricultural Biological Engineers
1555-1423Transactions of the ASME - V - Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics
0021-8936Transactions of the ASME. Journal of applied mechanics : contributions of the A.S.M.E. Applied Mechanics Division
1043-7398Transactions of the ASME. Journal of electronic packaging
0195-0738Transactions of the ASME. Journal of energy resources technology
0742-4795Transactions of the ASME. Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power
1087-1357Transactions of the ASME. Journal of manufacturing science and engineering
1050-0472Transactions of the ASME. Journal of mechanical design
0892-7219Transactions of the ASME. Journal of offshore mechanics and Arctic engineering
0094-9930Transactions of the ASME. Journal of pressure vessel technology
0199-6231Transactions of the ASME. Journal of solar energy engineering
0742-4787Transactions of the ASME. Journal of tribology
0889-504XTransactions of the ASME. Journal of turbomachinery
1048-9002Transactions of the ASME. Journal of vibration and acoustics
0022-1481Transactions of the ASME. Ser. C, Journal of heat transfer
0148-0731Transactions of the ASME. Ser. K, Journal of biomechanical engineering
0022-0434Transactions of the ASME. Series G, Journal of dynamic systems, measurement and control
0094-4289Transactions of the ASME. Series H, Journal of engineering materials and technology
0098-2202Transactions of the ASME. Series I, Journal of fluids engineering
0315-8977Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering = Transactions de la Société canadienne de génie mécanique
0972-2815Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals
0020-2754Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
0142-3312Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control
0020-2967Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing
0371-7844Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. Section A, Mining industry
0371-7453Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. Section B, Applied earth science
0371-9553Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. Section C, Mineral processing and extractive metallurgy
1975-8359Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers
0077-1554Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society
0079-1636Transactions of the Philological Society
0080-4401Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
0035-919XTransactions of the Royal Society of South Africa
0035-9203Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
0740-6797Transactions of the Society for Computer Simulation
1006-4982Transactions of Tianjin University
1363-4615Transcultural psychiatry
0929-4848Transfer - Vakblad over de Internationalisering van het Hoger Onderwijs
2045-4813Transfers - Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies
1534-2832Transform Magazine
0258-7696Transformation - Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa
1083-4362Transformation groups
1051-0559Transforming anthropology
1295-9022Transfusion Alternatives in Transfusion Medicine
1473-0502Transfusion and apheresis science
1246-7820Transfusion clinique et biologique
0958-7578Transfusion medicine
1424-5485Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy
0887-7963Transfusion medicine reviews
0962-8819Transgenic research
1023-6171Transgenics : biological analysis through DNA transfer
0340-4285Transition metal chemistry : an international journal
1614-4007Transition studies review
1932-2798Translation and Interpreting Studies
0968-1361Translation and literature
0737-4836Translation Review
1478-1700Translation Studies
1613-9860Translational Behavioral Medicine
 Translational Neurodegeneration
2081-3856Translational Neuroscience
1931-5244Translational Research
1868-4483Translational Stroke Research
0065-9290Translations of the American Mathematical Society - Series 2
1087-0849Transmission and Distribution World
0020-6059Transnational Associations - Associations Transnationales
2040-3526Transnational Cinemas
1014-9562Transnational Corporations - Journal of the United Nations Centre on Transnational Corpora
0966-3274Transplant immunology
1398-2273Transplant infectious disease
0934-0874Transplant international
0041-1345Transplantation proceedings
0955-470XTransplantation reviews
0778-6964Transporama - Nederlandse Editie
0929-0508Transport en Logistiek
0165-330XTransport en Opslag
0169-3913Transport in porous media
0967-070XTransport Policy
0144-1647Transport reviews : a transnational transdisciplinary journal
0041-1450Transport theory and statistical physics
0041-1612Transportation journal
1942-7867Transportation Letters - International Journal of Transportation Research
0308-1060Transportation planning and technology
1478-4467Transportation Professional
0278-9434Transportation Quarterly
0361-1981Transportation research record
1366-5545Transportation research. Part E, Logistics and transportation review
1369-8478Transportation research. Part F, Traffic psychology and behaviour
0965-8564Transportation research. Pt. A, Policy and practice
0191-2615Transportation research. Pt. B, Methodological
0968-090XTransportation research. Pt. C, Emerging technologies
1361-9209Transportation research. Pt. D, Transport and environment
0041-1655Transportation science
0564-1373Transports : économie, réalisation, équipemen
1436-6274Trauma und Berufskrankheit
1524-8380Trauma Violence and Abuse
0224-4365Travail et Emploi
0373-1944Travail et Securite - Revue Mensuelle pour la Prevention des Accidents du Travail et Malad
1294-6303Travail Genre et Societe
0041-1868Travail Humain
0041-1906Travaux - Paris
0082-6049Travaux de Linguistique
1832-8601Travel + Leisure Australia
0269-3755Travel and Tourism Analyst
0199-025XTravel Holiday
1477-8939Travel medicine and infectious disease
1175-6349Treatments in Endocrinology
1176-3450Treatments in Respiratory Medicine
1614-2942Tree genetics & genomes
0829-318XTree Physiology
0167-5478TREMA - Tijdschrift voor de Rechterlijke Macht
1084-7138Trends in Amplification
0165-9936Trends in analytical chemistry : TrAC
0968-0004Trends in biochemical sciences
0167-7799Trends in biotechnology
1050-1738Trends in cardiovascular medicine
0962-8924Trends in cell biology
1364-6613Trends in cognitive sciences
0169-5347Trends in ecology & evolution
1043-2760Trends in endocrinology and metabolism : TEM
0924-2244Trends in food science & technology
0168-9525Trends in genetics
1471-4906Trends in immunology
0966-842XTrends in Microbiology
1471-4914Trends in molecular medicine
0166-2236Trends in neurosciences
1084-4791Trends in organized crime
1471-4922Trends in parasitology
0165-6147Trends in pharmacological sciences : including toxicological sciences
1360-1385Trends in plant science
1362-5306Trends in urology, gynaecology & sexual health
0041-2538Trial - Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America
0724-3472Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik
0301-679XTribology international
1023-8883Tribology letters
1040-2004Tribology transactions : a publication of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
1751-5831Tribology-Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces
0041-3011Trimestre Economico
0360-3032Trinity Journal
0041-3216Tropical Agriculture - Trinidad
0049-4747Tropical animal health and production
0049-4755Tropical Doctor
0564-3295Tropical Ecology
0049-4763Tropical Grasslands
1935-9756Tropical plant biology
1982-5676Tropical Plant Pathology
0041-3291Tropical Science
0394-6975Tropical zoology
1380-2852Truck en Transport Management
0962-2624Trust Law International
1363-1780Trusts and Trustees
1386-5870TS - Tijdschrift voor Tijdschriftstudies
1388-7491TSG - Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidswetenschappen
0921-2116TSS - Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken
0387-4982Tsukuba journal of mathematics
1463-032XTTJ - Timber Trades Journal
0376-1185TU - Technische Uberwachung
0376-1185TU - Technische Uberwachung
1738-3536Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
0896-3207TUGboat - TeX Users Group
0165-3350Tuin en Landschap
0041-3992Tulane Law Review
1048-3748Tulane Maritime Law Journal
0732-7730Tulsa studies in women's literature
0722-219XTumordiagnostik und Therapie
1010-4283Tumour biology : the journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
0886-7798Tunnelling and underground space technology
1369-3999Tunnels and Tunnelling International
0149-4147Turbomachinery International
1300-0179Türk zooloji dergisi
1300-011XTurkish journal of agriculture & forestry
1300-0152Turkish journal of biology
1300-008XTurkish journal of botany
1300-0985Turkish journal of earth sciences
1300-0098Turkish journal of mathematics
1300-0144Turkish journal of medical sciences
1300-7718Turkish Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantatation Journal
1468-3849Turkish studies
1526-3096Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
0165-988XTussenRuimte - Tijdschrift voor Interculturele Theologie
 TVM - Magazine over Communicatiemedia
0920-7651TVP - Tijdschrift voor Pensioenvraagstukken
0921-5832TVV - Tijdschrift voor Verzorgenden
0165-5523TVVL Magazine
1380-3425TVZ - Tijdschrift voor Verpleegkundigen
0955-2359Twentieth century British history
1758-6437Twentieth Century Communism
0041-462XTwentieth century literature
1478-5722Twentieth-Century Music
1832-4274Twin Research and Human Genetics
0041-476XTydskrif vir Letterkunde
0041-4859Tyres and accessories