What is SciFinder / SciFinder-n?

These are web-based search and retrieval system for chemical compounds, bibliographic data and chemical reactions.

Difference SciFinder and SciFindern

All databases and search functions of SciFinder are available in SciFindern.
There are also some differences, such as,

  • Simple interface
  • Enhanced search functions (e.g. Retrosynthesis Planner)
  • Additional contents (e.g. experimental procedures, formulations information, full-text patent)

How to use

Access the site while on a device connected to the Tokyo Tech campus network. Tokyo Tech members can access the database from off campus using the SSL-VPN.
ALL first-time users must register for a SciFinder / SciFindern account and create a user name and password before accessing the database.
*You can access SciFindern with your existing username and password.

【Educational use in classes or workshops】
Please contact us in advance because a large number of access may arise and there is a possibility of adverse effects on the use of other people.


One person is permitted to register one account.
Please change your registered email address if you change your email address due to going to graduate school or other reasons.

Register first!
Registration Guide(PDF)





Migrating saved SciFinder answer sets and alerts

  1. Click the "★Saved" in the upper right of the screen after logging in to SciFindern.
  2. Click the "Migrate" in the "Migrate Alerts & Saved Results" box in the left side of the screen.

*SciFinder answer files exported to an external drive in the .akx file format must be imported and saved to SciFinder before they can be migrated to SciFindern.

See here for details.