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March 31, 2021 ( Last updated)

We offer books-by-mail service in order to provide library books for studying and researching at home.



until further notice 


Undergraduates / Graduates Students / Others

*Available only to those who have a student ID card (IC card).
*If you have overdue books or have a loan suspension, you cannot apply.


Books will be counted as part of number of the regular loan (maximum: 10 books for undergraduate courses, 15 books for graduate students). 

Up to 6 items*1

*These items are not included in your regular loan.
*The maximum number of books you can borrow by Books-by-mail service.

Due date

Undergraduates:2 weeks
Graduates:4 weeks

*The due dates of the items borrowed via "books -by-mail" service are also extended during the extended loan period.
*The due date of books borrowed via this service cannot be renewed.*2

Postage Tokyo Tech will pay postage charges.
*If you return books by mail, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.



Please order by email as below. You will receive a confirmation email after shipping.

◆ To:service◎ *Replace “◎” to  “@”.
◆ Subject:Order material mailing
◆ Body
  1) Name
  2) Student ID
  3) Mailing Address, ZIP Code
  4) Phone Number
  5) Title
  6) Volume *Only when it has “Volume”
  7) Location
  8) Call Number
  9) Book ID
    10) Appendix required or not  *Only when it has appendix

  • Please check the Tokyo Tech Library Catalog for 5) to 10).
  • If you order multiple books, repeat from 5) to  10).(Max 6 items)
  • If more than one application is received for the same book, the email that arrives first will be given priority.
  • It takes time to ship materials of Suzukakedai Library. If you order materials from both Ookayama Library and Suzukakedai Library, they will be ship together.
    All books in the Suzukakedai library are not available by this service. *3
  • No overseas shipments
  • It may take some time for delivery due to a high volume of applications.
  • Depending on the condition and size of a book, we may not be able to ship it.
  • The books you requested will be sent after the next opening weekday in the following cases: for request submitted after 2 p.m., on weekends, holidays and our closed days.


Please notice the following points to reduce mailing costs and to help postal service.

  • You can order books only for your study and research.
  • Ordering at one time would be helpful.


  • If you return the items within the service period, you can order again. 
  • You may return the checked out books to the library or mail them back at your own expense with prior notice.
    Library Services Group:service◎ *Replace “◎” to  “@”.

Return by mail

  • Please mail by traceable service. (ex: “Yu-Pack”, “Letter Pack Plus” of Japan Post co., ltd.)
  • Wrap the books in a plastic bag to prevent rain and water.

*1 May 27, 2021: The number of books checked out by mail are counted as part of the regular loan.
*2 May 27, 2021: The due date for the return of materials checked out by mail can be extended.
*3 May 27, 2021: Materials of Suzukakedai Library can also be mailed.

Library Services Group /
+81-3-5734-2097(Weekdays: 8:45-17:00)