Campus members (faculty, staff and students), Professors Emeriti and Alumni who are planning a library tour for non-campus members need to apply in advance.

*Please note that the Libraries do not accept applications from non-campus members.
 Even if you cannot visit the Tokyo Tech Libraries, enjoy the library’s short movies shot by library-supporting students* on the following page.
 図書館バーチャルツアー / Short Movies of the Tokyo Tech Libraries

  • Visiting Hours: 9:00-16:30, Weekdays
    *Visiting during the examination period is not accepted. The Library Calendar shows the examination period, indicating “Tokyo Tech members only during exam week.”
  • When campus members/professors emeriti/alumni guide visitors inside the Library, make the tour less than 15 minutes long. 
    Please be quiet and stay together as a group.
  • A 15-minute tour by a library staff/library-supporting student* is available (unavailable from 12:00 to 13:30).
    If you request a Library guide, please inform us when you apply.
  • How to Apply
    • Campus members (faculty, staff and students)
      • Fill in and submit the following form at least one week in advance.
      • It may take time for us to email you whether your application is accepted. Please apply as early as possible.
        Library Visit Application Form
        *Accessible from only the campus network
    • Professors Emeriti and Alumni
      • Please send an email to the address below at least one week before the date of your visit and inform us 1-3.
        1. date and time of your visit
        2. the number of visitors
        3. whether you need a Library tour guide
          We will reply to your email.
  • Notice
    • Taking photos/videos is not allowed in the Library.
      If photography is necessary for some reason, please ask us in the application form/email.
    • Library materials are not available during the tour. Regarding the information for visitors who need to use the library materials, refer to the following page.
      Guide for Visitors | Tokyo Institute of Technology Library
    • When you cancel/change your visit (e.g. date, number of visitors, etc.), please email to the address below.

*Who are library-supporting students?
 They are Tokyo Tech students working with library staff for public relations (e.g. shooting short movies), planning for book displays, etc.

General Affairs Group: somux◎ (Please change ◎ to @.)