June 14, 2021 ( Last updated)

FROM: Akira Yamada, Library Director
TO: All Faculty Members

The library is accepting applications to use research funds to subscribe and cancel subscriptions to international journals that will be issued in 2022. If you are a current subscriber or wish to apply for a new subscription, please see below for details.

1. Application Period 

Monday, June 14, 2021 to Monday, July 19, 2021

2. Procedures

Please log in to the Tokyo Tech Portal to make an application.

(1) Budget Administrators (those who have a budget code for the library), and faculty or staff who have been approved to make applications on behalf of Budget Administrators can use the service online. People who wish to be appointed as a proxy to handle the Online Request must submit the "Application form for library services".
*Application to appoint a proxy must be submitted every fiscal year. Even if you submitted this form last year, a new one must be submitted for this fiscal year.

(2) Please print out an application form and submit it in any of the following cases:

  • Apply to cancel subscriptions
  • Apply to subscribe to a new journal
  • Apply to journals that will be paid by a budget common to departments/majors/laboratories

(3) User Guides

3. Where to Submit Printed Form

Information Management Group, Library Division, Research Promotion Department
Mail-Box: L-1

4. Notes

(1) The journal price increases 5-10% constantly every year. In addition, depending on the exchange rate movement, the price converted into yen may rise further. (Every year, subscriptions to international journals are ordered in October. For this reason, the exchange rate in October is used for bills.) Further, due to the tax system revision in FY 2015, subscriptions to e-journals published by foreign publishers have been taxed from 2016. Please note that if the print subscription includes the price of online access, you might be charged with consumption tax. Please give this due consideration before deciding to subscribe to a journal.

(2) Please be aware that subscriptions cannot be canceled or added after the purchase orders are sent to the subscription agency.

(3) If you plan to retire or leave Tokyo Tech during FY 2020, please make sure you submit the necessary applications during this application period to cancel any ongoing subscriptions.

(4) Please contact us immediately if your affiliation or other relevant personal information changes after submitting your applications.

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