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July 15, 2021 ( Last updated)

Tokyo Tech now has 71 new e-books available from Wiley. Titles that were widely used in trial from December 2020 and May 2021 have been selected.

New Titles

Wiley Online Books available at Tokyo Tech

E-Books list

How to Use

You can access the e-books via any of the following methods. Devices need to be connected to the Tokyo Tech campus network. Tokyo Tech students, full-time instructors, and part-time instructors can also access the e-books from off campus using the SSL-VPN.

When searching from the title list, please click a link in the “Wiley Online Books available at Tokyo Tech.”
When the title you want to use is decided, you can search the E-Journals and E-Books List by the title.


The followings are prohibited as is the case in using licensed databases and e-journals:

  • downloading a large numbers of articles
  • commercial, non-educational, non-scholarly, or non-research use
  • reproduction and distribution to others
  • any conduct that violates Japan's Copyright Law

Use only resources that you really need for academic and educational purposes.

See Attention to the Use of Electronic Information Resources for details.

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