Interlibrary Loan whose materials are located in Suzukakedai Library is suspended due to Entire Renovation Work at Suzukakedai Library.

We do not accept the request from individuals, sorry.
People belonging to universities or reserach institutes can apply through the institute library, others may apply through a public library. 
Please check the availability of the material you need by referring to Tokyo Institute of Technology Library's Catalog before you apply to the library.
You can also use our libraries as a visitor. Please check "User's Guide for Visitors" ( Ookayama Library  Suzukakedai Library ).

We provide photocopies under the conditions stipulated by the copyright law of Japan. 

  • For the purpose of your own research or study.
  • A part of work (less than half).
  • A full article in a period (only when the next issue has been put out or the issue of the article has been published for more than 3 months).
  • Only single reproduction.

For Library Staffs (How to Request)

Please refer to here(J) for how to request.

※ About requests from abroad 
  We accept requests from GIF (Global ILL Framework) members through OCLC and KERIS. (Ookayama Library only)
  When you need materials in Suzukakedai Library, please apply to Ookayama Library.