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SciFinderⁿ is a scientific information search tool provided by CAS. It provides a comprehensive search of chemistry-related information, including articles, patents, chemical substances and their regulatory information and reagent catalogue information from all over the world.
*SciFinder was transferred to SciFinderⁿ on 1 April 2022. Training courses will also be held on SciFinderⁿ.

Lecturer from JAICI, which provides this database, will be invited to hold online training sessions via Zoom. The workshop is divided into two courses: a basic course to introduce SciFinderⁿ search methods in a compact manner, and a technique course to learn more practical search techniques. It is possible to attend only one of the courses, so even if you cannot attend all of the courses due to time constraints, please feel free to register.

Only for Tokyo Tech members. No maximum number of places available.

The only language used in the workshops is Japanese. 



◆Basic (80 min)

An overview of SciFinderⁿ and its basic operations. Recommended for those who will start using SciFinderⁿ or have just started using it.

Contents Overview of SciFinderⁿ, literature search by research topic, ability to link to original literature,
substance search by name and structural formula, catalogue search, use of search history and saving

◆Techniques (90 min)

The main focus is on structure/reaction searches, with the aim of acquiring techniques that can be used in actual searches. Recommended for those who have already used SciFinder and SciFinderⁿ and want to know how to use them more conveniently.

Contents Various drafting tools for structure searches, key points for drafting reaction searches.
Refining reaction search results, searching inorganic compounds and polymers


Date Form of event Time Application Application deadline
11 Apr (Tue). Online

Basic 14:00-15:20

Pre-registration closed 10 Apr (Mon). 15:00
25 Apr (Tue). Online
Techniques 13:50-15:20 Pre-registration closed 24 Apr (Mon). 15:00

Only for Tokyo Tech members. No maximum number of places available.

The only language used in the workshops is Japanese. 

If you wish to attend, please register from a terminal connected to the university network by clicking on 'Apply' in the table.

Even after the advance registration has closed, it is still possible to attend on the day of the course, so please contact the contact details below if you wish to attend after the deadline.
We recommend that those wishing to attend this workshop try using SciFinderⁿ in advance; you will need to register an account to use SciFinderⁿ.
Account registration and use of SciFinderⁿ must be done from a terminal connected to the university network.
A video recording of the content of this training session will be available at a later date. If you are unable to make the time, please make use of the video. If you only wish to watch the video, you do not need to register.
For information on how to register an account, please refer to this page from a terminal connected to the university network.
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