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Web of Science is a service that provides useful information for academic research. It contains high-impact journals, scholarly books, conference proceedings, etc., and also provides citation-based indicators such as the Impact Factor.

A training session on the databases available at Tokyo Tech, among the tools provided by Web of Science, will be held for staff and students of the Tokyo Tech via Zoom, inviting lecturers from Clarivate Analytics Japan, the provider of the service.
It is possible to participate in either part 1 or part 2 only. Please feel free to attend.

Only for Tokyo Tech members. No maximum number of places available.
The only language used in the workshops is Japanese. 


◆ Part 1 (70 minutes)

An overview of the Web of Science, basic literature search methods and software to manage the collected bibliographic information will be introduced.

●Web of Science
A database that allows users to search for articles and citation information published in major journals/specialist books/conference proceedings, etc.
 Recommended for:
  -People who want to efficiently obtain important and valuable literature based on impartial indices.
  -The database is designed for users who want to know the number of times their articles have been cited.

●EndNote basic
A literature management and writing support tool.
 Recommended for:
  -Users who want to manage the necessary references from the search results of multiple databases in one place.
  -The number of times I have been cited in a paper I have written.

◆Part 2 (45 minutes)

This session provides an overview of tools for researching the impact of journals and research trends, as well as basic usage.

●Journal Citation Reports
This tool provides a measure of a journal's importance and influence based on Web of Science citation information.
 Recommended for:
  -People who want to know which journals are important in their field of research.
  -The tool provides a measure of the importance and impact of journals based on citation information from the Web of Science.

●Essential Science Indicators
A database that provides rankings of research results and trends based on the number of publications and citations.
 Recommended for:
  -Researchers who want to keep up with the latest research trends:
  -Users who want to keep up with the latest research trends.
  -Want to contribute to high-profile journals
  -Want to know which organisations and institutions are influential in a certain field


Date Form of event Time Application Application deadline
Wednesday, April 10 Online
part 1: 10:45-11:55
part 2: 12:00-12:45
Pre-registration closed Tuesday, April 9, 15:00

Only for Tokyo Tech members. No maximum number of places available.
The only language used in the workshops is Japanese.

If you wish to attend, please register from a terminal connected to the Tokyo Tech network by clicking on 'Apply' in the table.

Even after the advance registration has closed, it is still possible to participate on the day of the course; after the deadline, please contact the contact details below.
A video recording of this training session will be available at a later date. If you are unable to make it in time, please make use of the video. If you only wish to watch the video, you do not need to register.
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