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January 24, 2022

Ookayama Library reopened  Group Study Rooms on Monday, January 24, 2022.



1.The reservation procedures have been changed.
   Reservations can be made  by submitting the application at the counter on the B1
   or by accessing to “Reserving facilities” on the “Web system for S&F”.  

2.Large displays (50 inches) are available in Group Study Rooms  1 and 2.


Notes on Use

〇The purpose of use is limited to  study and research work
〇We are taking  following preventive  measures against COVID-19 

  • For the time being, every room accommodates about the half of the maximum seating capacity. Minimum group size is two people.
  • The ventilation system works all day in every room.
  • Acrylic panels are set up in every room. Please be sure to sit with a safe distance between members.
  • We offer each group a pack of disinfection wipes and a disposal trash box with the room key. Please clean the surfaces of door levers, table and chairs before and after use.
  • In the Group Study Rooms, please wear a mask.

〇Both “Access Card” holder and proxy* are required to visit the counter to submit the application.
 *Only faculty or staff can be a proxy for an actual user.

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Library Services Group /
+81-3-5734-2097(Weekdays: 8:45-17:00)