The Peripatos Collection is a corner mainly consisting of new novels, paperback books, travel guidebooks, and more purchasing every year.

We also accept your book recommendations for the Peripatos Collection. Click here for the web recommendation form.

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The List of Books Exhibited at Suzukake Hall

These books are available only in Suzukake Hall. You can borrow them about one month later at the library.

Newly Arrived Books Infomation

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What is the Peripatos Collection ?

The Peripatos Collection was established at Suzukakedai Library in March 2007. This corner mainly consists of novels, paperback books, and travel guidebooks in order to provide a relaxing and comfortable space for library users to enjoy reading.

The establishment was sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and supported by departments of Suzukakedai until 2015; by the departments of the university in 2016; by the discretionary expenses of the president from 2017 to 2021, and by the library from 2022. So far, the collection consists of about 8,500 books.

The Peripatos Collection aims to be a space where many students, faculty, and staff can relax and enjoy reading between research and study. We also hope this corner will help you deepen your knowledge and education in several fields other than science and engineering.


On the 1st floor of Suzukakedai Library


Book Display at Suzukake Hall


In order to introduce the Peripatos Collection, we have been exhibiting some new books every month since August 2013 at Suzukake Hall on the 3rd floor of H1 building, Suzukakedai Campus. Currently, about 20 books are replaced about once a month.


Books on the display are in preparation for checkout, please read them in Suzukake Hall. You can borrow these books about one month later at the library.

Origin of the Name

The Peripatos Collection comes from “Peripatos no Kento 21”, the future project for Suzukakedai Campus. The term Peripatos means “walkway” in ancient Greek.

This project is named after Peripatos, the school established by the Greek philosopher Aristotle which had a lot of walkways, and the disciples of Aristotle who lectured while walking around were called the "Peripatic school". In Japanese, it is sometimes called “Strolling School”. 

The Peripatos no Kento 21 project will be launched in 2025, for the 50th anniversary of the Suzukakedai Campus.

Book Recommendation for the Peripatos Collection

Would you like to recommend any books for the Peripatos Collection? 
Please fill in Online recommendation form here.


  • Those who recommend books are not given priority, since the Peripatos Collection aims to provide enjoyable reading for everyone.
  • It may take several months before recommended books are available for borrowing.
  • The library will not inform you about the results of the book selection.
  • Requests for general books are accepted separately. For details, please check [Book Request] on the library website.

Book Donations for the Peripatos Collection

Main conditions

  • Must be donated by faculty or staff
  • Must be a paperback book or a pocket edition
  • Must be published within three years

- If you have more than one book to donate, please submit the book list in advance. For details, please contact Suzukakedai Library.
- Damaged or lost books must be compensated or replaced with another copy of the same book.


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