We always accept your requests for book purchase.


The decision of purchase is made based on our policy that the materials will be used by many students for learning purposes for a long period of time. Please note the following points.

  • Recommendations should not include practical books (such as how-to books, examination question books), literature, and books which can be easily purchased by individuals.
  • Expensive books or multitude of requests for books in the same field may not be accepted.
  • You can request for book purchase only if Tokyo Tech Library doesn’t have the item. Please check Library Catalog.
  • It will take about a month for Japanese books, and longer for non Japanese books to be able to use them after we decide to purchase. If you want to use the book as soon as possible, please consider Interlibrary Loan.
  • We purchase an e-book if it is available in principle. If you wish the material to be provided as a print copy, please specify so in the comment section of the form.

How to Request

Online Request

Please log in to the Tokyo Tech Portal, create a new request through the Recommending/Requesting Books menu. For details of the operation, please refer to Recommending / Requesting Books.


We differently accept your recommendation for Peripatos Collection. For the details, please refer to Peripatos Collection page.


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