October 15, 2021 ( Last updated)

FROM: Akira Yamada, Library Director
TO: All faculty members

Every year, the Institute Library offers “Course-Related Books” and “Self-Study Books” recommended by faculty members. "Course-Related Books" include textbooks and reference materials for coursework, and "Self-Study Books" are intended for undergraduates and graduate studentsʼ self-study.
For the 2021 academic year, we wish to continue collecting and providing students with books meeting the above intents. Please submit book recommendations by following the procedures below.

Book Recommendations

1. Course-Related Books (for courses in the 4th quarter 2021 academic year)
Textbooks and reference materials to be used in coursework, textbooks and reference materials listed in the syllabus, and the equivalent.
*We purchase an e-book or one print copy of textbooks and reference materials listed in the syllabus in principle. If you wish to purchase multiple print copies, please submit book recommendations.

2. Self-Study Books
General science and liberal arts books for undergraduates or graduate students and entry-level books for specialized fields.

You can submit your recommendations via either of the following methods.

1.Online Request
Please log in to the Tokyo Tech Portal and select “図書館サービス:Library Service” on the list. Please create a new request through the Recommending/Requesting Books menu, and select "Course-Related Books" or "Self-Study Books" as your "Purchase reason".

A guide on how to use Online Request can be found at:
Non-fulltime faculty members may not be able to submit recommendations through the Online Request service. Please use the following methods in such cases.

2.Sending the “Recommendation Form for Course-Related Books” or the “Recommendation Form for Self-Study Books”.
Please fill out the required information and send by E-mail or Campus Mail.
Information Management Group, Library Division
Campus Mail: Mail box L-1

The forms can be downloaded from this page.

Submission Deadline
Submissions will be accepted at all times, but to obtain the books in time for the 4th quarter, please submit recommendations for Course-Related Books by the following date:

For courses in the 4th quarter 2021 academic year: Sunday, October 31, 2021

Number of Book Recommendations
Course-Related Books: 10 recommendations maximum per course
Self-Study Books: 10 recommendations maximum per one person

General Notes

  1. Due to budget restrictions and availability, we may not be able to purchase the books recommended.
  2. Japanese books usually take about one month, non-Japanese books may take more than 2 months until they are available.
  3. To support online classes, we purchase an e-book if it is available in principle. If you wish the material to be provided as a print copy, please specify so in the comment section of the form.
  4. 4 times a year, the Institute Library offers Recommending Course-Related Books and Self-Study Books recommended by faculty members. In addition to this, recommendations will be accepted at all time. Please refer to the following pages to see more information.
    Recommending “Course-Related Books”
    Recommending “Self-Study Books”

Posting on Tokyo Tech Book Review
To support studentsʼ studies, you can post information such as a course title, a reason for recommendation with bibliographical information through Tokyo Tech Book Review and Library Catalog. Please register through Online Request.

【For Course-Related Books】
Name (or Pen Name), Position, Affiliation, Course Title
【For Self-Study Books】
Name (or Pen Name), Position, Affiliation, Reason for Recommendation

Please Donate Your Publications
We offer a special "Books by Tokyo Tech Professors" collection to showcase the achievements of our faculty. Please contribute to enhancing the collection by donating your publications to the library. For details, please refer to this page.

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