The library offers "Course-Related Books" recommended by faculty members. Submissions will be accepted at all times.


The decision of purchase is made based on our policy that the materials will be used by many students for learning purposes for a long period of time. Please note the following points.

  • For textbooks and reference books listed in the syllabus, we check the list of textbooks provided by the University Co-op and purchase one copy if the library does not have it. Please recommend other books that you would particularly like the library to hold. 
  • We purchase only one copy of a book for the designated campus in principle. You can request for book purchase only if Tokyo Tech Library doesn’t have the item. Please check the Library Catalog in advance.
  • Recommendations should not include practical books (such as how-to books, examination question books), literature, and books which can be easily purchased by individuals.
  • Due to budgetary constraints, requests for books costing more than 20,000 yen may be cancelled. Also, some books may not be available due to being out of stock or out of print.
  • You can recommend up to 5 books per year.  
  • After we decide to purchase, Japanese books may take about one to two months to become available, and longer for non-Japanese books. If you will introduce the book to your class, please recommend it about two months before the class.
  • Depending on price and terms of use, we may purchase an e-book. Please indicate your preferred media (e-book or print) in the comments section. We will use it as a reference.


You can submit your recommendations by the following 1. Non-fulltime faculty members may not be able to submit recommendations through the Online Request. Please take the following 2 in such cases.

1.Online Request
Please log in to the Tokyo Tech Portal and select “図書館サービス : Library Service” on the list. Please create a new request through the Recommending/Requesting Books menu, and select "Course-related books" or "Self-study books" as your "Purchase reason".

*A guide on how to use Online Request can be found here.

2.Sending the “Recommendation Form for Course-Related Books” 
Please fill out the required information and send by E-mail or Campus Mail.

[Contact : Information Management Group, Library Division]

  • E-mail:materials[at]
  • Campus Mail: Mail box L-1


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