The library offers "Course-Related Books" recommended by faculty members. Submissions will be accepted at all times.


  • We are going to check textbooks and reference materials listed in the syllabus  with information provided by the University Co-op, as comprehensive as possible. For these not held by our library, we purchase an e-book or one print copy of them.If you wish to purchase multiple print copies, please submit the book recommendation. We would appreciate it greatly if you could inform us when books listed in the syllabus cannot be found in Library Catalog.
  • You can recommend up to 10 books per course. Please number your recommendations in order of priority.
  • It takes about a month before Japanese books are available, and about 2 months before non-Japanese books are available. If you plan to introduce some books to your students, please contact Information Management Group at least two months in advance.
  • To support online classes, we purchase an e-book if it is available in principle. If you wish the material to be provided as a print copy, please specify so in the comment section of the form.
  • Due to budget restrictions and availability, we may not be able to purchase the books recommended.


You can submit your recommendations via either of the following methods.

Online Request

Please log in to the Tokyo Tech Portal, create a new request through the Recommending/Requesting Books menu, and select "Course-Related Books" as your "Purchase reason". For details of the operation, please refer to Recommending / Requesting Books.
Non-fulltime faculty members may not be able to submit recommendations through the Online Request service. Please use the following methods in such cases.

Recommendation Form

Please fill out the application form below, and send it to us by e-mail or Campus Mail. 


Information Management Group
Mailbox: L-1
Ext.: 2093, 3214 (weekdays 8:45 - 17:00)
FAX: 3330

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