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When you order copies of the Ookayama/Suzukakedai Library materials paid at public expense, the copies are delivered to your mailbox by campus mail. It is applied to the delivery from both libraries.

If you want to pick up your copies at the circulation counter in person without using the campus mail, please let us know when ordering.


【Regarding a prepaid-card-operated photocopier for public expense】
The Ookayama Library has a prepaid-card-operated photocopier for public expense. However, it will be removed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology CO-OP around May 20254.

* If you make copies with a coin-operated photocopier in the Libraries and get a receipt, it is refundable to your budget account.


Inter-campus Delivery: Copies of library material
Library Photocopying and Printing
大学生協コピープリペイドカード販売終了のお知らせ (in Japanese)


* 2024.2.6: Due to notification from the CO-OP that the scheduled removal of the prepaid-card-operated photocopier for public expense has changed, "around May 2024" has been revised to "around May 2025".

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