Using photocopier

Photocopiers are available for copying library materials. When you use the photocopier, please fill out "Photocopy Request Form" and bring it to the circulation counter. Please make sure to follow the Copyright Act when you duplicate library materials. 

You may either pay at public or private expense for photocopy. (Monochrome / 10 yen, color / 50 yen) 

  Public expense Private expense
Ookayama Library Use a University Co-op copy card purchased at public expense. Use a coin-operated machine.
Suzukakedai Library

Apply in one of the following ways after you register your budget code.

  1. Submit the "Photocopy Request Form" to the counter.
  2. Order photocopies through "TDL Online Request." 

You will receive copies at a later date.

 Please refer to "Floor map" to see the photocopier location. 


Attention: Copyright Act
  • The purpose of photocopy must be for your own research or study. 
  • The number of pages you photocopy must be less than half of the entire book. 
  • If you wish to photocopy articles in a journal, the journal must be published for more than 3 months, or the next issue has been published.
  • You are entitled to a single copy for each material. 
  • No refunds will be given for miscopies, except in the case of a malfunction of the copier.
  • Please prepare small money. We do not make change.
  • There are no scanners in the library. We do not allow all users to take photographs of library materials with your smartphone or digital camera.
  • Double-sided photocopies are not available.
  • Receipts can be output from the coin-operated copy machine.

Other photocopy

For duplicating CD-ROM or E-Journals, please ask at the circulation counter.