Photocopying Books/Journals

Photocopiers are available for copying library materials. When you use the photocopier, please fill out a "Photocopy Request Form" and bring it to the circulation counter.

Please be sure to obey the Copyright Act when copying library materials. 
You can pay either at public or private expense for photocopying. (Black&White: 10 yen/a copy, color: 50 yen/a copy) 

  Public expense * Private expense
Ookayama Library

Prepaid-card-operated photocopier: You need a University Co-op copy card purchased at public expense.

Note: The prepaid-card-operated photocopier will be removed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology CO-OP around May 2024.

大学生協コピープリペイドカード販売終了のお知らせ (in Japanese)

Use a coin-operated machine.

*refundable to your budget account (a receipt is required)

Suzukakedai Library

Library staff make copies for you.

For ordering, refer to the “Delivery of Copies (public expense)”

  • You cannot request a refund except in the case of a malfunction of the photocopiers.
  • Please prepare coins* for photocopiers. We do not exchange to small money.
      *10, 50, 100, 500-yen coins and 1,000-yen bills are acceptable.
       Both newly issued 500-yen coins and newly issued 1,000-yen bills are not accepted.
  • There are no scanners in the Libraries. Taking photographs of library materials with a smartphone or a digital camera is prohibited.
  • Double-sided photocopies are not available.
  • Receipts can be issued from the coin-operated photocopiers.
Attention: Copyright Act

The photocopiers in the Libraries must be used under Article 31 of the Copyright Act. They are for library materials only.

  • Photocopying must be for your private study or research.
  • A single copy for each material is allowed.
  • The number of pages you photocopy must be less than half of an entire book.
  • If you photocopy articles in a journal, more than three months of publication is necessary or its next issue needs to have been published.

Delivery of Copies (public expense)

When you order copies of library materials paid at public expense, the copies are delivered to your mailbox by campus mail.

  Public expense
Ookayama Library
Suzukakedai Library

Order in one of the following ways after registering your budget code.

1.    Order via "Online Request". 
2.    Submit a "Photocopy Request Form" to the circulation counter.

* Copies will be delivered from the library to your mailbox by campus mail. We will send the copies on the next business day after your order.

About "Inter-campus Delivery: Copies of library material", see also here.

Printing CD-ROMs/E-Journals

For printing from CD-ROMs or E-Journals in the Library, please ask at the circulation counter.