You can order copies of library materials from other campus Libraries.

How to order 

You can order via “Online Request”. For the information about how to order, please see here

If you pay for the copies you order at public expense, please register your budget code to the Library via T2Apps in advance. For further information, refer to here

【If you cannot use “Online Request”】
Please fill out an "Interlibrary Loan Request Form (for ordering articles)" and submit it to the circulation counter. You need to fill out one application form per material. 
If you will pay at public expense, the budget code and the seal of a faculty/staff who is responsible for the budget account are required on the application form.

Delivery date and charge 

The copies you ordered usually arrive on the next business day. If you order during weekends, they will arrive in the following week. 
 (Black&White: 10 yen/a copy, color: 50 yen/a copy)


Public expense: 

The copies you ordered are delivered to your mailbox by campus mail. If you want to pick up your copies at the circulation counter in person without using the campus mail, please let us know when ordering. 

About "Library Photocopying and Printing", see also here.

Private expense:

When the copies you ordered arrive, we will contact you at your email address registered to the Library. 
Please pick them up and pay at the circulation counter between 8:45 and 17:00 on weekdays.