[To Tokyo Tech Members] Books-by-mail service

We provide Books-by-Mail service for Tokyo Tech students. For more information, please refer to the following link.

[To Tokyo Tech Members] Return by mail

You may return the checked out books by mail. If you wish to do so, please contact the address below.

  • Please pay the shipping cost by yourself.
  • Please mail by traceable service. (ex: "Yu-Pack", "Letter Pack Plus" of Japan Post co., ltd.)
  • Wrap the books in a plastic bag to prevent rain and water.

[To Tokyo Tech Members] How to use electronic materials and databases

You can access library resources remotely. For details, please refer to the following link.

[To Tokyo Tech members]】Online Request

"Online Request" is a web-based library service for Tokyo Tech members. Some services are not available now. The details are as follows:
○ : available,  △ : partially available, × : not available

As of March 3, 2022

Services Status Comments
Reservation / Intercampus Borrowing  
Borrowing and Reservation Status  
Borrowing History  
Ordering Articles / Interlibrary Loan  
Recommending / Requesting Books It may take longer than usual to decide on the purchase of requested books, because we prioritize the preparation of electronic materials for conducting lectures and research online and the purchase of course-related books this fiscal year.
Facility Reservations(Group Study Room in Ookayama / Seminar Room in Suzukakedai )
  • Reservations can be made by accessing to “Reserving facilities” on the “Web system for S&F”.
  • For the time being, every room accommodates about the half of the maximum seating capacity.  
Book Review  
Reading Record List  

Images to download

Virtual Background Images

Tokyo Tech Library is offering you a series of original virtual backgrounds for online lectures or meetings. Learn more about virtual backgrounds on the Zoom Support website.

Conditions of use

  • Right click on an image of your choice.
  • Commercial use, redistribution or any changes but resizing images are prohibited.
Ookayama Library 2F
Ookayama Library 2F
Ookayama Library B1F
Ookayama Library B1F
Suzukakedai Library 2F
Suzukakedai Library 2F
Suzukakedai Library 2F
Suzukakedai Library 1F

Coloring  Picture

Here is an illustration for coloring. Two images are Shirabe Gennai, the mascot-character of LiDance, the library's guidance services, and the Amabie mythical monster.

Conditions of use

  • You can save or print out the attached PDF file.
  • Commercial use, redistribution of the original illustration or any changes but coloring and rescaling of the image size are prohibited.

Links to Tokyo Tech Websites


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