Audiovisual Booth

You can use this audiovisual booth only for watching/listening to the audiovisual materials owned by the library.

Ookayama Library   B1F  2seats


Suzukakedai Library   2F  1seat


How to use a booth

  • Please bring the case of the audiovisual materials or books with the CD or DVD you wish to view to the counter and complete the procedures for use. You will receive your CDs and DVDs at the counter.
  • Headphones are provided at the booth. You can also use your own headphones. [Ookayama Library]
  • You can use your own headphones or borrow ones at the counter. [Suzukakedai Library]


  • You cannot use audiovisual booth for watching/listening to the your own audiovisual materials.
  • You can borrow copyrighted audiovisual materials. Please check the library catalog to see if the material is available for loan.
  • To browse materials other than audio CDs and DVDs (e.g., CD versions of articles), please apply at the counter from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  on weekdays.