You can order books from other campus library.

How to order 

After you confirm on the Library Catalog that the material is not available on your campus, fill out "Intercampus Borrowing" and bring it to the circulation counter. You need to fill out a form for each material.
The limits of ordering books from other campus and book reservation are as follows.

class limit
Undergraduate 5 books
Graduate/Faculty 10 books 

Delivery Date

Usually, the date of delivery is the next business day. If you order during weekends, the date of delivery will be in the following week.


We will reach you at the contact information (E-mail address or phone number) on the Intercampus Borrowing form. Please come to the circulation counter and pick up the material within a week.

If you are a campus member, you may order materials through the Library CatalogHere's more on the procedure about it.