Please click this link to check the reservations status.

How to reserve a room

When you want to use the room, please reserve it in advance.

  • Please login to Tokyo Tech Portal and apply from the facility reservation of Web system for S&F.
    • After the reservation process is complete, you will receive notification by email.
  • Current-day reservations can be made at the library counter.
    • The application is available at the circulation counter until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.
  • If you have an access card or cannot access Web System for S&F, please fill out the following information and submit it by e-mail.
    • Please use the "titech" domain address when applying.
    • To: nlibinfo◎ *Replace “◎” to  “@”.
    • Subject: Reservation for Seminar Room
    • Body: Name of representative, Tokyo Tech IC card number, laboratory name, number of users, date, time, and purpose of use
  • Reservations can be made starting 90 days prior to the dates of use.
  • You can extend the usage time only if there is no one else reserved at the end of the usage time.
  • Without contacts, the reservation will be canceled if you don’t use the room within 15 minutes after the reservation time.

Cancel or changing a reservation

If you want to cancel or change your reservation up to the day before the date of use, please be sure to request it through the "Web system for S&F". 
If you need to do so on the day of use, please be sure to contact us by e-mail or at the counter.

Any reservation not claimed within the first 15 minutes will be canceled and made available to other applicants.

Terms of use / Facilities



(Available from one person)

Seminar Room 1
  • 8:45 a.m. to 15 minutes before closing on weekdays

    • This service is not available on weekends and holidays.

  • Once in a day for 3 hours for one group
(Maximum of 4 people for now.)
  • Whiteboads, desks and chairs
  • Campus Wireless LAN
  • Projector (It can be checked out with a prior reservation)
  • A 27-inch monitor (Seminar Room 1, 4 and 5)
Seminar Room 2

(Maximum of 4 people for now.)

Seminar Room 3

【Not available for the time being due to sound leakage.】


Seminar Room 4 10
(Maximum of 5 people for now.)
Seminar Room 5


(Maximum of 5 people for now.)

Seminar Room 6 20
(Maximum of 10 people for now.)

For those who wish to use monitors and projectors

  • A 27-inch monitor is available for use in Seminar Room 1, 4 and 5. Projectors are also available for rent in all rooms.
  • Connecting cables can be borrowed, but the supplies are limited, so please bring your own. Cables are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • 1 VGA cable (Available only on the monitor in Seminar Room 4)
    • 4 HDMI cables
    • 3 USB-C cable
    • 3 display port  (for monitor use only)
  • Please do not take the monitor outside Seminar Room. Please turn off the monitor after use. 



  • All current Tokyo Tech members are eligible.

  • No food or drink. (Bottles with lids are O.K.)

  • The room cannot be used for entertaining purposes.

  • Please open the windows and ventilate the room when using the room. Please make sure that the acrylic panels in the room are set up between people.

  • Please remember to close any open windows when you leave the room.

  • Disinfection supplies will be provided at the start of use. Please use it to sterilize the desk and other equipment after use.

  • In the Seminar Rooms, please wear a mask.

Inside Seminar Rooms

Seminar Room 1 :

Seminar Room 4 :


Seminar Room 2 :


Seminar Room 5:

Seminar Room 5

Seminar Room 6 :


Contact Information

Suzukakedai Library
Extension: 5152 (8:45-17:00 on weekdays)
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