If you cannot find the book you want in our library, you can borrow it from other libraries via our library through the Interlibrary Loan service.
This is a fee-based service. The fee/charge can be paid at private or public expense.


Loanable materials under this service

Non-loanable materials under this service

Books not held by the Tokyo Tech Library.
(However, items falling under the right column cannot be ordered.)

  • Rare books, reference books, large books, traditional Japanese binding books, new publications, books which were published before 1945, and serial publications such as newspapers and journals

※May also depend on the conditions of the lending institution.

※If a book in the Tokyo Tech library's collection is on loan, the same book cannot be ordered from another institution.

  • Ordering the same book and extensions

    • As a general rule, the same book cannot be requested more than once.

    • Extension of the due date is at the discretion of the lending institution. Please let us know if you wish to extend the due date.

  • Terms of use

    • The lending institution may restrict material uses. For example, some materials can be used and viewed only within the library.

From order to return

1.Check book information

Make sure the book is not held by the Tokyo Tech library by searching in the Library Catalog.

2.How to order
Please apply from "Online Request". In order to order materials at public expense, the budget code must be registered with the library in advance. Here's more on the procedure about it.

【If Online Request cannot be used】
Please fill out the "Interlibrary Loan Request Form (for books)" and submit it to the circulation counter. If you wish to order materials at public expense, you need to fill in the name of the faculty who is responsible for the expenses, the budget code, and affix his or her seal. You will be required to fill out a form for each material you would like to borrow using this service.

When the book arrives, we will inform you by e-mail. Please come to the circulation counter.

Please return the book directly to the circulation counter. Do not return it to the book bin.

  Pick-up and return timings

Public expense, Library expense, KL-NET

During the opening hours
※Depending on the conditions of the lending institution, this may only be available on weekdays.
※If you pay using public expense, please bring the return postage bar code when you return the book. 

Private expense

Between 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays
※When returning the book, please bring the postage fee and stamp.

Estimate for delivery date, lending periods and charges

Lending institution Delivery period estimate Duration of borrowing Estimated charges
University libraries in Japan 1 week - 1-2 weeks 1,600 yen - (round trip-delivery and return)*
National Diet Library (NDL) 1 week - Approximately 2 weeks 800 yen - (only return)
KL-NET (libraries in Kanagawa Prefecture) 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks free
Other institutions 2 weeks - several months -(Depends on the lending institution.) -(Depends on the lending institution.)

*There is an extra charge for ordering by "Express mail"


Number of books available for order

You can order and keep up to 5 books at a time using the ILL Service. If you need an additional book beyond the limit, please return the book you are using first and then make another order.

Borrowing more than 5 books at a time using the ILL Service is not possible.


Public expense (For Delivery) Withdrawals from a designated budget
(For Return) Postal bar code
・The budget code must be registered with the library in advance from T2APPs. (Details)
・You need to fill in the name of the faculty who is responsible for the expenses, the budget code, and affix his or her seal.

Private expense

(For Delivery) Cash
(For Return ) Postage stamps

Fees will be notified upon arrival of the books.


Support for interlibrary loan costs by the Tokyo Tech Library (Only for students)

The budget for this service has a limit. To ensure equality of opportunity for everyone, please understand all the following before applying.

〔IMPORTANT〕To students who blong to a laboratory
  This service is exclusively for students who cannot use public expense.

How to Apply for this Service
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd-year undergraduate students who don’t belong to a laboratory:
    Please select “Private” from “Expense”.

  • 4th-year undergraduate, master’s or doctoral students:
    Please ask your supervisor/professor whether or not you are allowed to use a public expense before applying.
    Only in the case you cannot use a public expense, select “Private” from “Expense” and be sure to write “I confirmed that I cannot use a public expense” in the “Comments” field.
    Note that you need to pay yourself in case you don’t enter it in the “Comments”.


  • The materials you order must be necessary for your own research and/or study.

  • If the material you need is held in a public library, we may not accept your request and recommend you to visit the public library.

  • Depending on the budget spending, a limit on the number of interlibrary-loan books per person may be set in the relevant fiscal year.

  • This service may end when the budget reaches its limit.

Applications subject to support

Orders from the National Diet Library, university libraries, or libraries of research institutions in Japan.

* It may be possible to order from libraries other than the abovethese types of libraries as well with the library's budget. Please contact us for more details.